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  1. Have you tried installing proper divers for it?
  2. MacNutty

    My Mountain Lion Success Story

    My hack config is given in my signature. I have Geforce 9400 GT which works with latest version of NvInject.kext. I did not modify any kext, it worked out of the box.
  3. Yesterday I successfully installed Max OS X Mountain Lion on my PC. I got various problems while installing it. I am listing out the problems and solutions I found for it. May be it will help someone. First I created bootable Mountain Lion disk by restoring BaseSystem.dmg and copying Packages from root folder to /System/Installation. This was the easiest way to create bootable install disk which worked perfectly for me. Now here are the problems I faced while installation and solutions which worked for me. Problem: Computer restarts at apple logo. Solution: Install latest chameleon boot loader to the partition and try again. Problem: Black screen and computer goes to sleep after some time. Solution: Problem with your graphics card. Copy appropriate graphics kext to Extra folder, rebuild Extensions.mkext and try again. Problem: "Cant install Mountain Lion on this computer" Error. Solution: Build a proper SMBIOS.plist using latest models of Apple products and put it in Extra folder. Finally I was succeeded in installing Mountain Lion. PS2 keyboard and mouse: Works (ApplePS2Controller.kext). Sound: Works (VoodooHDA.kext). Graphics Card: Works (NvInject.kext).
  4. MacNutty

    PS/2 input support?

  5. MacNutty

    [SOLVED] Clone/backup to another disk (lion)

    1. You can use Carbon Copy Cloner to clone your entire OS X to another disk. 2. You can use Disk Utilities from Lion / Snow Leopard Install DVD to backup your OS X to an Image. You can choose any above option for backup. Only thing you need to remember is that after restore you have to install Bootloader for it to work.
  6. Download [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] from kexts.com, it booted Lion for me.
  7. MacNutty

    Dual booting Win7 + Lion on same disk

    Here is how I got my dual boot: 1. Partition HDD as GPT and name it Lion and Windows. Make Lion partition active. 2. Install Lion on first partition (partition 1 not partition 0 as it is EFI) using any guide available in this forum. 3. Install bootloader alongwith Extra folder including addition kexts to EFI partition. 4. After successful installation of Lion, make your other partition i.e. Windows active. 5. Install Windows (x64). 6. Boot into Lion and make EFI partition as active using fdisk. Your dual boot is ready. You may face startup error during Windows boot, in this case just make your Windows partition active and do Windows startup repair thru Windows Install DVD. Note: I am facing a little problem in dual boot. Once I boot Lion I am unable to boot into Windows. Might be Lion is corrupting Windows boot. To boot into Windows again I have to do startup repair.
  8. MacNutty

    Snow Leopard retail en core i3 sandybridge

    You can find lots of guide in this forum. Follow anyone.
  9. MacNutty

    Im Lost! :(

    Just get a cheap HDD/DVD case and convert your internal DVD to external drive.
  10. Try rebuilding kext cache. Remove Extensions.mkext from /System/Library/Extensions/ and boot with -f
  11. MacNutty

    Stuck after Installation

    Seems to be problem with AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext. Have you installed NULLPowerManagement.kext? Its required!
  12. As OS X is in separate drive why don't you try re-installing Windows XP. I assume that there is no such thing installed on OS X which will give problem to your Windows. You can also try installing another /updated boot loader.
  13. MacNutty

    Im Lost! :(

    Have you tried booting with external DVD drive? Also check whether your distro supports AMD.
  14. MacNutty

    Works video only or network only

    Try NVinject.kext, it worked perfectly for me...
  15. MacNutty

    [Solved] Only bootloader on USB works.

    Try this: 1. Boot into Lion (using your USB). 2. Install Chameleon on Lion partition. 3. Go to Terminal. sudo -s fdisk -e /dev/disk0 (replace 0 with your disk number. You will get it from Disk Utility -> Info) flag 1 (replace 1 with Lion partition number) update write quit 4. Reboot (remove USB while booting).