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  1. quinielascom

    Acer C720P Core i3 + Patched BIOS progress

    Is the Intel MEI really needed in OSX? In others OS this feature is managed by the bios (vpro or something) and it is meant for networking proposes or i am wrong? Anyway good progress, but my chromebook is a celeron one.
  2. quinielascom

    Unusual Playstation 2 mod PC Case

    An small update; because missing update or none bios available for download I backed actual bios with Universal BIOS Backup ToolKit 2.0, then changed startup logo image in BIOS (with EzH2O) for one more cool and related to my mod, and flashed back (fla{censored}). Attach picture of actual booting and link to startup playstation2 screen. Link to PS2 startup logo: http://psx-scene.com...tion-2-logo.jpg
  3. Ya tenía un buen tiempo que no pasaba por aquí, les dejo un link de un mod a un playstation 2 al cual se le había sacado todos los componentes originales y se aprovechó la carcarza para colocar adentro una tarjeta madre de una netbook con su disco duro, la fuente y una unidad externa de dvd, todo "debidamente" atornillado para permitir trabajar en cualquier posición (igual como el PS2) al final el resultado es un "Playstation 2 corriendo Windows 7" o al menos eso parece. Cabe mencionar que los botones frontales fueron adaptados para hacer las funciones originales que tenían, la bahía original de dvd fue remplazada por una unidad DVD de laptop y sólo se conservó la tapa o faceplate para fines visuales, de la parte de atrás se utilizo el lugar del puerto de salida de video para colocar un conector VGA, algo similar fue hecho con el puerto de salida digital el cual fue cambiado por una salida analógica de audio. En la parte de atrás se agregaron 2 puertos USB y un puerto ethernet: Y en link que pongo arriba hay algunas imágenes más.
  4. quinielascom

    Unusual Playstation 2 mod PC Case

    Today I did some tests (in Windows 7) with another wireless card because i need put one "os x ready", i already had a bcm4311 wireless card and I changed it, and although detected in windows 7 the radio never come on and not find any networks, another times it "see" the wireless networks but it don´t connect. I saw similar problem here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=56015 and then i tried tapping pin 20 for enable radio always on, but did not work.
  5. quinielascom

    Unusual Playstation 2 mod PC Case

    After few days using the PC in PS2 case I noticed a problem with the USB ports connected via the internal hub, then opened the case again and I did the next: The internal USB hub had a diode for protection in case of use external power supply, and as far it is internal now, it diode is not more needed , was removed and and instead placed a short (solder little wire), now the USB ports in the hub do not have problems of low voltage with high drain current devices such as hard drives. In summary: With diode in place: measure 4.76v in USB hub Ports. With short instead diode: measure 5.01v in USB hub Ports.
  6. quinielascom

    Unusual Playstation 2 mod PC Case

    Eject Button: Done Notes: the black wire is connected to ground and the green wire is connected in another side of the board, i forgot take pic, but this wire is solded to Q4 device, the correct place for solder point was found checking continuity between the two points using a multimeter. And finally both wires go connected to Eject Button in the playstation 2 case.
  7. quinielascom

    Unusual Playstation 2 mod PC Case

    Ethernet Port: Done
  8. Introduction: I had a PS2 case without components inside, then a partner gave me a netbook with broken screen and very poor look, but the motherboard is working fine, then i think: Why not assembly an "Nettop" ? Parts List: Motherboard: Chipset 945 (YooBook Notebook) Processor Atom N270 RAM: 1.0 GB DDR2 667 MHz HDD: 80 GB SATA 2.5" Optical Drive: USB DVD +/- RW DL Wireless Card: RT73 (mini-PCIe) USB Hub 4 Ports (Generic) Process: First is need fit the motherboard and power supply in suitable place: after the most difficult part was found how connect the external ports (now internal) to apropiate external ports again, for this task i need make custom extensions for the next things: 1 Video VGA 4 USB Ports 1 Audio Out 1 Power Supply 1 Ethernet and here is a final pic from usb cabling: For connect an optical drive the only port available is any USB port, there is not available SATA or PATA ports because the motherboard is from cheap netbook, to place physically the drive i did a custom "base" of plastic parts, here is a photo showing the result: Status of parts or functions: Working as original: AC IN Connector DVD Tray Eject DVD Button Front USB 2.0 Ports Internal Fan Main Power Switch Power Button Add or replaced: AV Multi Out: Replaced with VGA Back USB 2.0 Ports: Added Digital Out: Replaced with Line Out Ethernet Port: Added Not working or pending: Controllers Ports: Not Working Memory Card Slots: Pending Software: Running Windows 7 Ultimate (for now) after i have planned run Leopard or Snow Leopard: Back ports: Here is a picture with monitor, speakers, keyboard, mouse and power connected. PS2 to PC Mod.zip
  9. quinielascom

    10.6.8 officially released

    re-install /System/Library/SystemConfiguration/Apple80211Monitor.bundle from 10.6.7
  10. quinielascom

    PCIe Bus addressing issues in Snow Leopard...

    Thanks, working fine here. BTW works in 10.6.8 too, but is needed reinstall AppleACPIPlatform.kext from 10.6.7 otherwise KP.
  11. quinielascom


    manmal, go here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=242949, the minor cosmetic issues are in Audio Preferences and nothing info displayed in System Profile.
  12. quinielascom


    Thanks, but with your patched AppleHDA.kext I have not audio in speakers after sleep, only low volume in headphones and it is 32 bits only (leopard?). Tested in ALC268 on Acer 4320 running Snow Leopard 10.6.6, btw VoodooHDA.kext works very well in my laptop with some minor cosmetic issues.
  13. All drivers in the attached file, not are mine but i already tested in 10.6∼10.6.7 and are working fine. The list of included files and drivers: Audio ALC268: VoodooHDA.kext (32/64 bits) Battery: VoodooBattery.kext (32/64 bits) Card Reader: IOSDHCIBlockDevice.kext (32 bits) Network BCM5787M: AppleBCM5701Ethernet.kext (32/64 bits) PCIe Bus: IOPCIFamily.kext (32/64 bits)* SMC Device: FakeSMC.kext (32/64 bits) SpeedStep: VoodooPowerMini.kext (32/64 bits) UUID: PlatformUUID.kext (32/64 bits) Keyboard/Trackpad: ApplePS2Controller.kext (32/64 bits) *Fix some Addressing troubles. Extensions_Pack_for_Aspire_4320_4720.zip
  14. quinielascom

    PCIe Bus addressing issues in Snow Leopard...

    Report again here, now with 10.6.6; dborca´s patched driver working fine.
  15. your internal card reader is not USB, is connected through PCI bus.