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Shakespeer for Intel COME AND GET IT!


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After many hours looking for an Intel/Universal binary of Shakespeer... I decided to compile my own. This beast is the latest off the CVS with bugfixes over the 0.9.2 version and best of all its all Intel.


Its compiled against these dependencies...






Initial testing shows it to be in perfect working order.


I will try to upload a .zip of it by around 7pm Central.

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UTSA? :angry:


This might help with the problem.

Host Name:	  [removed]
Date/Time:	  2006-03-07 xx:xx:xx.792 +0000
OS Version:	 10.4.4 (Build 8G1165)
Report Version: 4

Command: shakespeer
Path:	/Applications/3rdParty/ShakesPeer.app/Contents/MacOS/shakespeer
Parent:  WindowServer [74]

Version: ??? (0.9.2+CVS)

PID:	5355
Thread: Unknown

Link (dyld) error:

Library not loaded: /usr/local/lib/libevent-1.1a.1.dylib
 Referenced from: /Applications/3rdParty/ShakesPeer.app/Contents/MacOS/shakespeer
 Reason: image not found

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OK, I hex edited your binary to have relative references instead of absolute and compiled the dependencies, so here's an intel ShakeSpeer:


ShakeSpeer Universal Binary


If you don't like the brushed metal look, then you might be interested in this version, which has the unified look (similar to Mail.app and Camino):


ShakeSpeer Universal Binary, Unified Look






Note: Although the binary itself is universal, since I lipo'ed it with the official release, I forgot to lipo sphubd and sphashd, so this likely won't work on a ppc mac. Sorry :whistle:

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Should this work on 10.4.1? because it's not working for me. When I click to start it the icon does the little expand animation and then nothing happens

I don't think so! I guess it's compiled using Xcode 2.2, which is not backward compatible...




Anyway I droped it too, since it does not hash my shared files. It starts hashing and stops at 30%, and no matter what I do (pause/resume, update, remove/add). So back to old ppc ShakesPeer, slow but reliable...

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I downloaded this universal version of ShakesPeer. But there's some problems with it: it doesn't hash files or join in any kind of hubs. Does someone know the solution for this problem...?

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It has indeed some strange behaviour... now and then


It sometimes can't get the server list and sometimes hashing stalls. A restart should help. (don't forget to kill the hashing daemon with activity monitor).

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