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  1. Does anyone have a DSDT for HP 8530W ? I've looked everywhere but can't find it. My laptop still gets a lot hotter in SL than Win7, perhaps a DSDT would help out with this. cheers
  2. alc0h0lic

    HP EliteBook 8530w - OSx86 Installation

    Could someone post an audio kext that makes the MIC of the 8530w work. 32 or 64bit, whatever is available. //edit: nevermind, I've bought an cheap ebay card
  3. alc0h0lic

    Nvidia 8400GS / 8400 GS DVI

    Same here, Iatkos v4 + 9f9installer = full resolution but no QE/CI. Dell xps m1330, Nvidia 8400M GS help needed please
  4. Did anyone get QE/CI working with the new 9f9installer from the NVinstaller site. I installed it with iATKOS v4 on my m1330 nvidia m8400gs please help
  5. alc0h0lic

    10.5.3 Update Guide

    Well it killed my iatkos 10.5.2 install on my xps m1330. Gives me "no root device" error waiting for fix
  6. Did anyone get the internal mic to work ? I could use it for skype and such...
  7. alc0h0lic

    Edimax 7318USg and iATKOS

    Hi, I heard that this usb wifi dongle should work fine in leo. But i just can't get it working with iatkos or any other leo install. After installing the RALINK drivers for the rt73 usb chipset it still complains that there is no device found (in ralink control panel) Could anyone who has installed this usb dongle in leo, please help me ? (This usb dongle works great in KisMAC which has his own build-in driverset) thanks
  8. alc0h0lic

    New Kalyway 10.5.2 Release!

    anyone got the installer to boot with xps m1330 ? On my lappy it hangs in verbose mode with "IOAPIC: Version 0x20 Vectors 0:23" message... any help would be nice
  9. Well downloaded it, but can't get it to boot on my XPS m1330 It even doesn't kernelpanic but just stops the CD and that's it. It stops at: IOAPIC: version 0x20 vectors 0:23 I have dualcore & speedstep disabled at boot.
  10. alc0h0lic

    Atheros Network Drivers

    I have the Atheros 5008E-3NX chipset (mini-pcie), which should be the same as macbook proz, but I also can't enable airport in network prefs and Atheros drivers loads unsuccesful at startup.... any help or tips would be greatly appreciated.
  11. alc0h0lic

    Atheros 5008 Should work OTB, but doesnt

    I have a Mini-PCIE Atheros 5008E-3NX card which also doesn't work. VendorID: 168C DeviceID: 024 The driver always ends up loading unsuccesful and trying to enabling it in network prefs, gives: airportd MIG failed = -1 (null) error in log files. It should work OOB/OTB but it doesn't, already tried re-installing iatkos/leo4all/zeph all with the same result. The driver loads unsuccesful. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. Thanks MacGirl for our guide, very helpful. There's still one problem, I can't get any scroll areas working with my m1330. If someone knows how to fix this, i'd be very grateful. cheers
  13. alc0h0lic

    Why I chose the Dell XPS 1530 over MacBook Pro

    I have a similar story like this, but i saved to buy a macbook and ended up with a full-spec xps (3gb ram, led screen, 320gb hdd, 8400gs) m1330 for the same price
  14. alc0h0lic

    P5LD2-VM & 10.5 Leopard

    Did anyone experienced kernelpanics when adding/removing kexts ? Leo panics directly after the bootloader when i add for example nvinject.kext or remove extensions.mkext FYI. I use the tiger bootloader via dualboot EDIT: for some strange reason booting with mach_kernel -v fixed the kernelpanic and all is working fine now :-)
  15. alc0h0lic

    Leopard Finalized?

    No you aren't