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  1. I have upgraded Mojave to Catalina. Everything went OK, just the screen was pink (Intel UHD Graphics 630). Downloaded the last version of Lilu and Whatevergreen in Efi/Clover/Kexst/Other and everything goes fine now.
  2. XanthraX

    Dual boot or use Parallels?

    Unfortunately, Parallels does not boot Windows installed on a separate drive, from the version 11. But VMWare Fusion can. It will recognize the windows installation as BootCamp and will boot it.
  3. XanthraX

    Gigabyte B75M-D2V

    It's Geforce 9400 GT. Not found successful data about web drivers for this GFX. The only solution I have found was to replace the Sierra NVDAStartup.kext with El Capitan one in /System/Library/Extensions. But I don't like to do this when apply each system update. So, I prefer to can buy a new video card native supported.
  4. XanthraX

    Gigabyte B75M-D2V

    I have found the culprit. It is the graphic card. It booted with the arg nv_disable=1. So I need to get another GFX to this computer if I want Sierra.
  5. XanthraX

    Gigabyte B75M-D2V

    Hi Is someone here which succeeded to install macOS Sierra on this board? Please let me know what settings you made in Clover. The installer boots, and reboots before the all progressbar is finished. Thank you in advance.
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  7. XanthraX

    Clover General discussion

    Hi everyone. I hope I am in the right topic. I got DiskWarrior 5 and made the DiskWarrior Recovery Disk on an USB drive. OK, I have Clover_2.3k_r3320. When I try to boot from the recovery drive, it boots but I get the message: "The path /System/Installation/Packages/OSInstall.mpkg appears to be missing or damaged". Well it is a recovery drive, i don't know why Clover thinks it is an installation disk. If I added the real OSInstall.mpkg in the path, the installer starts. I need to have the Recovery interface with DiskWarrior included. It was possible in the earlier versions of Clover with Yosemite. If I am wrong, where I am wrong? I can boot the Recovery partition made by El Capitan installation on the system drive. Thank you in advance.
  8. Yes. Should I switch to false?
  9. Hi, I have this problem on the GA-B75M-D3H based Hackintosh. I have installed El Capitan over Yosemite, using Clover_v2.3k_r3280. Before the update, I could not reboot or shut down, even if I set the shutdown fix or not in the Clover config. On my other Hackintosh, I have not "Fix shutdown" set, but shutdown and reboot works. Even copying the config.plist from the working Hackintosh to this one not works. I have no dsdt and I prefer if it is a method using a kext in Efi/Efi/Clover/Kexts if it is possible. Thank you in advance.
  10. Everything works fine, except shutdown and restart. They worked fine until 10.10.5 beta update.
  11. XanthraX

    [pre-release] OS X Yosemite 10.10.5

    It works well for me except Shut down and restart. I am using Clover v 3253. Anyone else got this problem?
  12. XanthraX

    Wrong displaying the system information

    Yes, it works well. So it is a bug of Yosemite, not a Hackintosh problem.
  13. XanthraX

    Wrong displaying the system information

    Don't you know where is smbios located in a Clover environment?
  14. I have 2 Hackintoshes (see the hardware in the signature) using Clover. I have discovered this wrong displaying of the system info on the both computers. I am wondering if someone of you found this behavior and if it is a way of fixing. I can live with this tho, the OS and applications work good.