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macOS 11 - Redesign and universal apps?


Some of you want to see more news in Apple OS, the friend of our Hackintosh family.

But what do you think to see macOS in this new way?















PS: Between you and me, I really prefer a universal apps than a new design.

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I agree. Universal apps would be really great, but redesign? Nah. At least not as shown in the pictures... that looks just horrible :rofl:

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My reaction to this is that a pretty fancy designer switched to macOS recently and thinks he knows how macOS should *look*… Honestly, it looks like an information design disaster in most cases. Some of the root concepts are interesting, but the interface execution is "oh look, it's macOS so all it needs to be is fancy looking"… which couldn't be farther from the truth for anyone who truly uses macOS.


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Tbh, it look noice!


Tho, it's way too drastic, and Apple will not make it like that, unless they go with a touch friendly interface (which they said they will not do). And as fantomas1 said, it's gonna be macOS 10.14, as 11 would mean some really huge leap in the OS.

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Looking at the WWDC 2018 logo, im confident to say that they will announce a "Design Language/System" of their own (like Google with their Material Design & Windows with their Fluent Design System).

This will hopefully will lead to iOS and macOS redesign which should be better than this i guess, both iOS and macOS have gotten old with their design.

Universal Apps, Yes Please !!

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