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  1. marvelloard

    Failed (?) 10.14.2 update on ancient machine

    Reinstallation fixed the issue. Still don't know what went wrong though.
  2. Hi, on my Gigabyte EP45-DS3L, Q9500, Nvidia 650 Ti, 8GB RAM machine which ran 10.14.1 just fine, I tried to install 10.14.2. Now I'm stuck on that screen (see screenshot). Any ideas?
  3. Try disabling power saving for SATA devices (here called hard disks) in system preferences/energy saving.
  4. marvelloard

    Mojave socket 775 Q9500

    Thank you, I'll try that once at home. Does that mean 10.14.2+ could potentially screw this machine completely because other services might use unsupported instructions in further updates too? Is there a compatible CPU I can buy 2nd hand for 775? Edit: It did work, thank you!
  5. marvelloard

    Mojave socket 775 Q9500

    Hi, I was able to install High Sierra on my old setup just fine (Q9500, EP45-DS3L, 650Ti, 8GB RAM, SSD). It bootet without any problems once I applied the ICH10 patches. Now I tried to install Mojave. Installation was fine, but after a reboot the system crashes on start. ICH10 patch still active. See also screenshot of crash... Latest Clover of course installed. Anyone any ideas?
  6. I see, thank you. As an audio engineer I know about buffers, and I remembered one "fix" was to increase buffer size (but it didn't fix the issue). So this fix is the correct/permanent one I guess. That's awesome. Edit: Would it be possible that you release the driver without any new stuff but with the audio stutter fix until the new one is ready?
  7. Can you in a simplified version explain what was causing the trouble? That sounds fantastic, any idea about when you could release the new version? Don't want to push you though, please take your time.
  8. Just asking, with wheeziness you mean the known audio distortion occurring after a while? And there might be a fix for that in a later version?
  9. marvelloard

    macOS Mojave 10.14.1 is out

    Funny side-note, i5 8400 now gets recognised by "About this Mac" :-)
  10. marvelloard

    Reboots on sleep (sometimes)

    Actually I'm quite happy with my USB ports, all I need work just fine with the correct speed. If you'd happen to have any idea about wakeup time I would be very thankful! Edit: After a reboot, wakeup time is fine...
  11. marvelloard

    Reboots on sleep (sometimes)

    OK thank you. Fixing USB will will make my wakeup faster? Because USB seems to work fine right now and this patching looks complicated.
  12. marvelloard

    Reboots on sleep (sometimes)

    All I can find is "replace 83FB0F0F 83030500 00 with 83FB0F90 90909090 90" for Mojave. Do you have a working patch?
  13. marvelloard

    Reboots on sleep (sometimes)

    I applied USB 10.14+ by PMHeart kext patch, still after wakeup it takes around 10secs until the display fires up.
  14. marvelloard

    Reboots on sleep (sometimes)

    Appears to be working fine, thank you a lot! Wakeup is slower though than without DSDT, however not a big deal. Send me Nemesis.fritz.box.zip
  15. marvelloard

    Reboots on sleep (sometimes)

    Alright, current file with tables extracted. Send me Nemesis.fritz.box.zip Edit: cheers!