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  1. marvelloard

    New sleep issues

    Hibernate mode was set to 3. I set it to 0 today since this is what I want it to do anyway and will wait for the results... EDIT: Still not working after a night of sleep... EDIT2: BIOS reset, kext updates, ... did nothing. I did however update the BIOS and got a new DSDT by MaLd0n. Suddenly sleep is back to normal. I don't understand this, but I'm happy it works. Thank you again, MaLd0n!!
  2. marvelloard

    New sleep issues

    My hackintosh works perfectly fine, exept sometimes when waking from sleep it freezes (since the very last update, hasn't been an issue before). Screen stays dark, power led solid, no HDD activity. Sometimes messing around with the power and reset buttons makes it resume to macOS or reboot completely. Mostly even after pulling the plug I can't even enter UEFI until a lot of power cycles. MSI Z370 PC Pro, i5 8400, 16GB RAM, Maya 44ex, Mojave all updates. Link to EFI folder I'm clueless, please help me.
  3. marvelloard

    VMWare Vanilla AMD?

    Hi, I'd like to ask if the following kind of installation is possible, since I wasn't able to find any info about this scenario: -VMWare VM, Host Win10 -AMD CPU (currently FX) -but Vanilla, stock kernel (because of updates) GPU will be pass-thru, should be no problem.
  4. So, what's the "best" kX driver mod right now and where do I get the latest version?
  5. marvelloard

    Reboots on sleep (sometimes)

    Update: With the following Clover flags the issue seems to be resolved: ACPI/Fixes FixUSB FixShutdown FixHPET FixRegions FixRTC DeleteUnused FixMutex FixS3D ACPI/SSDT NoOEMTableId NoDynamicExtract Halt Enabler AutoMerge FixHeaders Kernel Patches Kernel PM Appel RTC Not all flags are necessary for this issue, but this is my config and it works. Edit: Those flags didn't really fix the problem permanently. Removing the flags originally set https://hackintosher.com/guides/fix-rendering-issues-fcpx-high-sierra/ did. After excessive testing I can confirm the machine is perfectly stable w/ sleep support now. In Mojave, I actually don't need those flags anyway, no FCP issues so far.
  6. marvelloard

    Reboots on sleep (sometimes)

    I'm afraid I'm still having sleep issues: Once in a while when I put the machine to sleep, the screen goes blank and the computer hard locks. I can only reset it. How can I troubleshoot this? Mojave latest, all the latest kext versions of your folder, MaLd0n. Edit: It seems the issues are being caused by the driver of my ESI Maya44 ex card. Once removed, the problem is gone (so far). What a crappy driver!
  7. marvelloard

    Failed (?) 10.14.2 update on ancient machine

    Reinstallation fixed the issue. Still don't know what went wrong though.
  8. Hi, on my Gigabyte EP45-DS3L, Q9500, Nvidia 650 Ti, 8GB RAM machine which ran 10.14.1 just fine, I tried to install 10.14.2. Now I'm stuck on that screen (see screenshot). Any ideas?
  9. Try disabling power saving for SATA devices (here called hard disks) in system preferences/energy saving.
  10. marvelloard

    Mojave socket 775 Q9500

    Thank you, I'll try that once at home. Does that mean 10.14.2+ could potentially screw this machine completely because other services might use unsupported instructions in further updates too? Is there a compatible CPU I can buy 2nd hand for 775? Edit: It did work, thank you!
  11. marvelloard

    Mojave socket 775 Q9500

    Hi, I was able to install High Sierra on my old setup just fine (Q9500, EP45-DS3L, 650Ti, 8GB RAM, SSD). It bootet without any problems once I applied the ICH10 patches. Now I tried to install Mojave. Installation was fine, but after a reboot the system crashes on start. ICH10 patch still active. See also screenshot of crash... Latest Clover of course installed. Anyone any ideas?
  12. I see, thank you. As an audio engineer I know about buffers, and I remembered one "fix" was to increase buffer size (but it didn't fix the issue). So this fix is the correct/permanent one I guess. That's awesome. Edit: Would it be possible that you release the driver without any new stuff but with the audio stutter fix until the new one is ready?
  13. Can you in a simplified version explain what was causing the trouble? That sounds fantastic, any idea about when you could release the new version? Don't want to push you though, please take your time.
  14. Just asking, with wheeziness you mean the known audio distortion occurring after a while? And there might be a fix for that in a later version?
  15. marvelloard

    macOS Mojave 10.14.1 is out

    Funny side-note, i5 8400 now gets recognised by "About this Mac" :-)