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  1. While I am very thankful for kX audio and its mod, I decided to purchase a MAYA44 eX (ESI) internal interface. It needs a driver but works just fine w/ sampling rates up to 96kHz. It's a bit pricey for "casual users", but since I do a lot of audio stuff it's a decision I do not regret. With its two separate LineOut-Channels, I can hook up the speakers to 1/2 and my headphones for editing to 3/4. The Maya control panel also is very useful.
  2. You can try different versions of amd-osx, I got very different results with different releases. Also try Sierra instead of HS, it ran much better on my FX. In the end however I gave up and decided it's not worth it (at least with my machine). The amd-osx forum might also be a good place to ask.
  3. It's not, I had quite the opposite experience on my FX-based system so I gave up. Also you can't easily run updates. And power management is quite a hassle too. But your mileage may vary.
  4. This is not helpful, but to be honest, I think on AMD machines it's a waste of time to get a working Hackintosh up and running. It takes so much time and effort, and breaks so easily. Get a cheap Coffee Lake system, it will be faster than the FX anyway.
  5. Try different integer values from 0 to 3, don't forget to restart after every change. 3 is default afaik, so you should see no difference?
  6. marvelloard

    AMD RX 460 showed as Radeon Pro 555 2 GB

    Hi, what exactly did you do to fix this issue? Can you explain please? And is it necessary or only cosmetic?
  7. marvelloard

    Platform upgrade question

    These CPUs (or future faster ones) are my long-term upgrade plan since they currently are too expensive for me, but will give me a nice boost in a few years to prolong the lifespan of this build... Just as the C2Q gave my C2D system two more years
  8. marvelloard

    Platform upgrade question

    After some research I will go with the GIGABYTE Z370 HD3P.
  9. Usually the Audigy should be much better than any onbourd sound. I ran a SB Live!, Audigy 2 ZS and Audigy 4 Pro. All of them were better by far than any onboard sound I ever tried.
  10. Hi, in my attempt to replace my old C2Q system (which ran very fine most of the time) I am looking for am mainboard. So I have two questions and I hope you can help me. -How easy is it to get macOS up and running on coffee lake? The i5-8400 looks interesting to me Is a lot of patching and fiddling required? I could throw almost any update to my old hack without any hassle and without breaking anything. -Which mainboard would you recommend? Not too expensive (don't need a high-end rig), PCI slot would be nice (for my Soundblaster), USB-C would be a nice bonus but no must-have. Cusomizable fan-control in UEFI (curves and stuff) would be fantastic. I'd pair it with my RX 560 4GB and 16GB RAM. Thank you in advance!
  11. By the way: "-nehalem_error_disable" flag solves the issue in a more elegant and future proof way (as found here: https://www.root86.com/topic/8555-how-to-disable-appletymcedriverkext/)
  12. marvelloard

    Sapphire RX 560 black screen

    Today I'm trying to come back to HS. Install went smooth (10.13.2), but I'm still facing the black screen issue. Even with the latest Lily and Whatevergreen kexts. The same card works fine on my AMD hackintosh (10.13.1)... Any ideas?
  13. I see. Actually I've never had any stability issues with this driver, only the buffer issue. @ITzTravelInTime Thank you again for your work, I'm happy to be able to use my Audigy, even without inputs.
  14. Hey, sometimes audio gets corrupted during playback and sounds very distorted. There's a lot of stutter too. Usually stopping the playback and starting it again after some seconds solves the issue temporarily. It was a lot worse with the original kX driver, but it's still present in this version.