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Apple TV take 2 runs on a mac


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Hi Folks!



This is for any apple/mac freak out there.


Just to let you know, I finally hacked Apple TV take 2 to run on any mac.


I called it ATV4mac and version 1.2 has been released.

It's running instead of Front Row.app, has support for keyboard control, adds a 'Return to mac' menu to nicely quit the app, and integrates the latest ATVFiles plugin for browsing filesystem and Couch Surfer for surfing the internet.


You can join #atv4mac on irc.osx86.hu for more info or just go there http://tinyurl.com/2jr2u7






- EDIT -




If you installed it on Leopard per inadvertence, just restore the following frameworks from your Leopard install DVD:





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Colonel, yes it is my work. I did patch it myself to get the new TAKE II working.

I also made the Quit plugin.


I added work from Brandon Holland for the keyboard support and Couch Surfer plugin.

I also added the ATVFiles plugin from Eric Steil.


If you read on my site, I gave credits to all those people.


BTW, it is not compatible with Leopard yet!!

You need Tiger 10.4.8 - 10.4.11 to try this.

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i remember i was the first to bring atv to the populous with the first fully fuctional atv frontrow replacement,

and the griffion airclick usb scripts.

glad to see someone has kept up with atv.



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That's because your Universal Unique Identifier does not match the one defined in AppleTV.framework.


Check the topic in #atv4mac on irc.osx86.hu, there is a link in case of problems.

sorry , I've followed the suggestion but , could u supply something more clear??

I don't know what I have to find in the hex!


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Can't get it to work on a G4 Imac(1.2 or something like that ghz Geforce 5200) Installs just fine, but after installation and restart, it just hangs on the startup screen. Everything moves, but it won't start up. I'll restore the files later and see if that fixes it. It should.

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