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  1. Apple, leave my ebay acount alone!

    Why do you think you have a legal right to use ebay? Apple's legal forms were to EBAY not you, since its their site and their problem, you have no right to see them. If they were for you then they would have been given to you instead of Ebay. You got banned for violating Ebays rules, nothing else, nothing involving the law or lawyers applies to your situation and Apple has no reason to contact you when all they want is for Ebay to block the sale of hackintoshes.
  2. Will this latest version give Windows 7 back its normal boot screen? I tried to reinstall the bootloader to get it off a partition I dont want to use anymore and it gave Windows 7 the old Windows Vista boot screen with the green loading bar.
  3. OS X torrents are illegal and should not be used

    Oh no, Apple has my IP. What ever will they do with those numbers? One option is to spend millions of dollars and possibly years in court like the RIAA did just to get the legal power to have ISP's give user info to them. The other option is to do nothing with those numbers. I can totally see courts siding with Apple and giving them that kind of power, after all, breaking a questionable license agreement is highly illegal and similair to distributing hundreds of thousands of pirated files.
  4. iWork '09 coming

    I tried iWork and thought it was a waste of time. Its good for personal use but its Office support is a joke. Theres really nothing "work" about it because it is completely incompatible with documents you would get from work, I dont understand how anyone could possibly use this in an office.
  5. Apple is DOOOOOMED without netbooks

    Its true they dont need a netbook, just like they didnt need to make a phone. They also dont need to make more money on something that would be one of the hottest selling computers in a long time. Its best that Apple doesnt learn from the iphone and release products people want to buy. Ya, they only know how to make a $600 piece of junk.
  6. Apple sues Wired

    what a bunch of pansies
  7. Prefetching frees up ram when it is needed, it NEVER steals ram from other programs or keeps it to itself. Your HDD is probably being used because its indexing files for fast search, when Vista first came out the indexing was buggy and went crazy with indexing so Windows 7 might be doing the same. If you are so scared of using ram then why not go back to win98 or 95? Youll only use a few mbs of ram. Of course less ram being used doesnt mean your computer will go faster.
  8. Parallels Workstation available for free!

    Would you be able to boot your OSX install (in safe mode probably) like the way the mac version can boot your windows partition?
  9. OS X takes up 12 GB of space.

    Could it be suffering the same fate as Vista 64? Having to have multiple files in 32 and 64bit flavors? Vista 64 can be monstrous compared to 32bit.
  10. A first generation mac having bad hardware? Well now Ive seen everything.
  11. The new Vaio

    Probably revenge after Apple stole their keyboard. I think its an improvement, the imac is too dopey looking with its huge chin.
  12. Official Windows 7 pics

    Because its using vista resources for the GUI since they havent made the Windows 7 GUI yet (nor do they want to show it). Do you realize that the beta version of Vista looked exactly like XP for the first few years? Or the beta version of Leopard looked exactly like Tiger? Judging 7's current looks is dumb, the final version is going to be completely different. Does this look like Vista? Because that was one of the many skins it had during the beta period.
  13. Official Windows 7 pics

    its not the real design, its just a concept made by programmers for testing features, the final version made by the graphics team will have practically nothing in common with that theme
  14. They do NOT act like retail discs The restore discs are meant to only install on the type of mac it came with, it probably only has drivers that work for the new motherboard. Even if you could get it to boot it wont install.
  15. What deception? Nowhere did they say they wanted them to produce a story on their website. It was a standard freelance offer to write a product comparison, they probably wouldnt even use the authors name. They didnt even ask the guy at zdnet, they asked if he knew anybody that would be interested. I know its fun to believe in a conspiracy theory, but there is nothing fishy about a company hiring a writer to write about why a product is better than a competitors product.