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  1. SomniusX

    Γενική Συζήτηση

    Πολύ καλό φαίνεται, εύχομαι να φύγει γρήγορα!
  2. το πρόβλημα είναι ότι πειράματα με smbios έστω και για τα stepping του intel δεν με παίρνει να κάνω λόγο του ότι το δουλεύω..
  3. SomniusX

    SONY VAIO F Series (PCG-81312M)

    I've managed to make it work and i've everything working except proper stepping, only 8 and 20 and the webcam. Working WiFi with Atheros 9285 modded kext and injector (files) Ethernet (Realtek 81xx) Audio, full support with latest VoodooHDA plus when i plug headphones it knows and automatically swaps to them.. no problems or clicks, just some "hisss" USB 3.0 (universal kexts) works only if something is inserted on the port on boot, and afterwards no problem. Not Working Webcam, don't care much Screen brightness control, i use an app that changes the brightness by playing with graphics until i fix it. Boot flags? Well installed with GraphicsEnabler=Yes nv_disable=1 (cause you know, 540m ) Used Hackintosh Vietnam Tool, with Vanilla USB. Chameleon is my bootloader and i've got no problems booting into the windows partition on the same disk. My thermals seem to work ok snpy.in/y1gnrz snpy.in/Oymemq I've built SSD for my i5 CPU but still i use NullCPUPM cause i get Kp's on each boot. I'm in great need of the following : Proper DSDT patches for the H67 mobo. - Power control is my main concern cause Apple Power Management Patches tend to break on my, haven't found one that works and each time i revert back and use NullCPUPM. - Display backlight, brightness is my second concern I'd like to use AppleHDA patched but didn't had the time to play with more than Generic (and latest) VoodooHDA that does the work. And last, if there is an easy way, the Webcam, not that i use it everyday, i've got my phone for these things, but for the occasional vid-chat Well that is it until now. I'll post back with more things, when and if i have time to tamper with more things...
  4. Yes it does tamper with graphics but still it's a workaround. I've tried and bricked my installation more than 2 times the last week, but this week it's a bit difficult for me to get to it "again" I have my dsdt and i've tried tampering with the lcd strings with no luck, not even bringing the slider back hack didn't work. That's why i've search for alternatives cause i need to work with that machine and at full bright it's just annoying specially at night :-/ Anyways i'll get back to you and reply properly and a week or two!
  5. I was searching for two weeks a way to control panel brighness for my new hackbook.. didn't have success with dsdt and other kexts so i stumbled upon an "app" yes an app.. "Brightness Slider" on MAS https://itunes.apple.com/gr/app/brightness-slider/id456624497?mt=12 guys, it does the job, restores brightness to previous level upon restart, can accept keyboard shortcuts for bright up/down, it's the thing i needed! (click for larger) p.s. IT WORKS!!!!!
  6. Έψαχνα εδώ και δύο βδομάδες πως να αλλάξω τη φωτεινότητα σε ένα hackintosh laptop sony vpcf2 και ενώ όλα δουλεύουν εκτός bt controller και brightness έπαιζε σε full bright και με στράβωνε, ειδικά το βράδυ. Δεν είχα επιτυχία ούτε με DSDT ούτε με Kexts μάλιστα έφτασα σε φάση να το στήσω από την αρχή και να ξανακάνω τα dsdt fixes με το χέρι. Τέλωσπάντων, βρήκα λύση με "εφαρμογή" ναι εφαρμογή και όχι πατέντα ή άλλο τρόπο. "Brightness Slider" στο Mac AppStore ! https://itunes.apple.com/gr/app/brightness-slider/id456624497?mt=12 Παιδιά δουλεύει, κάνει τη δουλειά του όπως πρέπει, και μάλιστα μετά από restart επαναφέρει το επίπεδο φωτεινότητας εκεί που το είχες, ένα συν του είναι ότι δέχεται και keyboard shortcuts οπότε ανεβάζεις/κατεβάζεις όσο θες! Από όσο κατάλαβα το κάνει μέσω γραφικών/GL οπότε θα παίζει σε όλους και παντού, ακόμα και εάν έχετε βάλει του δικού σας laptop τη φωτεινότητα χαμηλά. Υπερ χρήσιμο όταν έχεις εξωτερικές οθόνες που δεν έχουν επιλογή brightness και πρέπει κάθε φορά να έχεις ένα Color profile έτοιμο με πειραγμένο gama ή brightness και να πηγαίνεις μέσω λαμίας να το αλλάζεις για να κάνεις δουλειά. (click for larger) Υ.Γ. δουλεύει τέλος!
  7. SomniusX

    Ozmosis modded BIOS Repository

    I can't express my feelings bro.. I love you '! gonna test it tomorrow
  8. SomniusX

    Ozmosis modded BIOS Repository

    please do ?
  9. SomniusX

    Ozmosis modded BIOS Repository

    I see only one H77 mobo on the folder why doesn't nobody buy them moboz! Anyways, is there any hope for H77-D3H ?
  10. SomniusX

    SONY VAIO F Series (PCG-81312M)

    And i was just contacting one of the admins with that specific question. I've missed a lot that whole year i was away from the community. I will check them out right away! Thank you very much @mendietinha
  11. SomniusX

    SONY VAIO F Series (PCG-81312M)

    it can also be disabled using a boot flag.. i have two usb already made, one with 10.10.2 of a known hack distro (i hate it) starting with the letter N*, and one using tony's tools which is 10.10.4 I saw m*Hack isn't updated by sojugarden for 10.10.x, Kakewalk is dead.. Best way it to use one of the above usb installers and a separate Clover or there is some other way i've missed from last year?
  12. SomniusX

    SONY VAIO F Series (PCG-81312M)

    I saw some boot flags for when bios' don't have the feature of disabling the nvidia but I can hope for intel too I saw a guide for the similar series S that everything except WiFi works. Anyways, hope it doesn't give me a hard time like my hope hack.. h77-d3h with that unholy vt2021 audio chip and one msi nvidia 560 that doesn't want to work oob always with GraphicsEnabler=Yes.. when on 10.8.x had a hard time building proper ssdt for msrunner testing.. but did it. Anyways.. will wait for the laptop to arrive.. it's free so
  13. SomniusX

    SONY VAIO F Series (PCG-81312M)

    there is no hope for the nvidia card? yes I was going to use Clover, will stepping work or with nullcpupm?
  14. SomniusX

    SONY VAIO F Series (PCG-81312M)

    click for larger SONY VAIO F Series (PCG-81312M) Is there hope for this machine that is going to be given to me the day after tomorrow? I'm gonna do my test using the "known" tools, rooting for 10.10.x If anybody has experience with it please share it with me! Thank you!
  15. SomniusX

    Who wrote getcodec.sh?

    would you also like to share it with us?