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Letter to all Macheads from a Windows user.


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To all Mac users (new and old),


A little about me, My first experience with a Mac came many years ago in the form of an Apple II, which cost my parents a cool couple of grand (I was living in Brazil back then, so we had to pay the 100% premium). The Apple II ended up becoming the most expensive video game I've ever had.


With no floppy drive and let alone a hard drive, I used to buy this magazines with source code for some simple games, and a programmer was born. I'd spend hours pecking at the keyboard (no typing skillz yet) writing the code, all to play a game. I had the Apple II for about a couple of months before my parents decided I didn't need a $2,000 video game... I remember my father's words:


"You keep wasting your time on these computers, you won't get anywhere, you need to study and pursue a decent career as a doctor or a lawyer"




The joke was on him as I became a software engineer, making a pretty decent living. Well, not as decent as a lawyer's or a doctor's, but I'm doing alright...


Anyway, sorry I have a tendency to go on tangents...


After my Apple II, a few years later I built my first of oh so many PCs, I think I had MS DOS 5 or 6 on it, maybe some version of Windows (earlier versions were nothing but shells for DOS), from there I basically kept up to date with Microsoft, and went on to become a .Net developer.


Needless to say, I am very comfortable with Windows, and I think it's great and has come a long way from the 95, 98, 2000 versions. It's pretty nice to have almost all technologies geared towards an OS you are familiar with. I always disregarded OSX as an option, mainly because it was just too expensive to buy a Mac to try the OS.


2007 comes and goes, my Dell 9300 has been giving me a lot of headaches (and heartaches) to install, but then 2008 came and I decided to buy an extra hardrive and try an installation on my D620... It worked! Got it installed and pretty much 90% running (sans Lan, sleep, dual core, etc...).


After a couple of hours fiddling with the OS, I became very familiar with Leopard, as if I've been using it for months, Finder is wonderful to use, Expose wowed me in its simplicity, and on, and on...


Being a hard core MS user, it's somewhat hard to digress and have to agree that Leopard, heck, I'll say it... OSX is better than Windows, I'm in love with the OS and if I could put it in on word:





Thank you,




Windows Programmer

OSX Convert (Machead in training)






I forgot to thank everyone in the community, and a special thanks to all developers, mods, my mom and my dad.


Extra special thanks to MS for making the switch easier, by releasing Vista...

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Nice post, but the road doesn't end there. Thanks to my hackintosh, I had the chance to free-lance some postproduction assignments (FCS and AE), so I'll finally have the chance to buy my first real Mac very soon. Needless to say, many of us have had very similar experiences, so welcome to the club! :hysterical:

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just my 2 cent:


I was forced to do the hardcore lessons of M$, too. I took ALL stages of M$ developement from M$-DOS 3.30a to Vista and i hated it .... BUT: there was no alternative. With the beginning of osx86 developement i entered the "new world" and after testing leopard for a while i ordered my 24" imac.



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Just wait until you start coding with OS X and it's associated APIs, it gets better.


By the title of this thread I sure thought something worse was coming. :huh:


Hehe, I didn't mean to make it sound harsh, but when I went back and read the title, I myself thought it was a bit misleading, but I think it kinda worked out that way too :)

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