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  1. Thank you, it worked great for me, I was stuck with Kalyway 10.5.1 and now I'm a bit more up to date thanks to your guide.
  2. Error after language select on install!

    LOL, posts like this one are what made me stop helping people on this forum. Do people think we are obligated to help them, and promptly? When I got started OSX was still on Tiger version and that was 10.4.8, and it wasn't until Leo that I got my computer running OSX. Sometimes people haven't encoutered the problem you have, so there aren't answers. Sometimes the question has been answered so many times, it's obvious you haven't even tried. Like this guy, he comes to this forum not to ask for help, but to demand it. Amazing...
  3. Kalyway 10.5.1 to 10.5.2

    Chrys, I'm no expert, but try to search for something in the lines of reinstalling the EFI. That may help you with your problem.

    Weird, mine show up as external drives on my ip35-pro... Thanks for the answer!

    Dakine, Does your system display the (IDE to SATA) drives as external drives (yellow drives)? Thank you Alex
  6. Dell Inspiron 9300

    I have taken mine apart a couple of times, and the video card comes "apart" from the main board, and also I've heard of people upgrading their 6800 go to 6800 go Ultra, my guess is that the video card IS indeed upgradeable.
  7. Dell Inspiron 9300

    These laptops run on PATA drives, 20~30 mb/s doesn't sound slow to me at all. The only one I can think of is that iCal won't run unless you set it to open using Rosetta. Other than that, i haven't ran into any real issues, and the system seems pretty stable. I have a geforce 6800 go, so can't comment on your video card. I'll see if i can remember anything else, and keep you posted.
  8. How do I edit kext files?

    Right click on the kext file, and select Display Contents (kext files are not files, but directories), there you most likely going to edit the Info.plist file, which is nothing but an xml file. Just follow the instructions for your video card (which I'm assuming you found a topic in the forum)
  9. Justyntime, Are you using a 90W power supply? If not, that's your problem, took me quite a while to figure that one out... Alex
  10. In case anyone's wondering, Kalyway's 10.5.2 update (TPB) worked for me. I don't know if it works keeping the kexts, as I did a clean install and then updated to 10.5.2 right after...
  11. Worked: Dell Inspiron 9300 Unzipped and ran pkg file and rebooted twice, and "took" update on the second reboot (as expected). Getting tired of thanking Kalyway THANKS KALYWAY!
  12. iMon LCD and LCDProc solution

    BigBadOwl, I will try that, and let you know... Either way many thanks in advance Alex
  13. iMon LCD and LCDProc solution

    How do you use the driver with a .so extension in OSX?
  14. Kalway and IBM Thinkpad T42

    Yes, at least most, i think they have to be either Intel or Universal, so as long as it's not PPC you should be ok (I don't even think they make ppc macs anymore)