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  1. Hackintosh friert ein

    sehr hilfreich ist die App Konsole im Dienstprogramme Ordner, hier sind unter system die Fehler beim Hochfahren, etc. gelistet, die dir dann einen freeze bescheren. meine vermutung ist die Grafik, die nicht anständig implementiert ist.
  2. SSD with GPT doesn't boot

    quick way: copy your hd with ccc ( carboncopycloner) in osx to your ssd. ( there are invisible files, that are not copied, if you dont use the right stuff) then install a bootloader like chameleon or clover ( i would not prefer tony beasts, cause that stuff is a little intransparent) if your hd booted well, your ssd, after that procedure, should do either. better way: install clover first on an usb ( to see if everything runs smooth) then install it to your ssd, then you have a nice and crispy efi-boot.
  3. SSD with GPT doesn't boot

    where does it stuck ? ( screenshot, etc.) did you install chameleon or clover on the new ssd ( stupid question)
  4. HWSensors

    Under the News is still a link to projectosx, but the newer staff has returned here, so pls edit kozleks first post there to point to this thread here.
  5. HWSensors

    thats what i did and it works. thx
  6. HWSensors

    using now an old version from slice, wanted to update, but all installers do say "cannot install on this system" so do they only work on maverick ? a little more explanation pls
  7. ALC889 Sound Assertion Errors

    just for ACTUALITY depends on machine profile ( macbookproX,x , imacXX,x) switches off the amplifier when silent. so at soundstart it asks quicker than the response for the amplifier and get the assertions. with macpro3,1 this can be solved, but its just cosmetic and log-filling.
  8. RealtekR1000 v3

    V 304 works way better with RTL8168E-VL/8111E-VL thx for the perfection
  9. iStat 4

    fake smc + plugins + hw monitor + CPU LED
  10. DSDT and nullcpupowermanagement help

    if you are above 10.7.4 you need a SSDT in addition to your DSDT. SSDT defines the speedsteps for your CPU. and kernel panic isnt kernel panic, so a foto of your kp can help.
  11. show us the kernel panic screen
  12. [HELP] HP Beats Audio Subwoofer

    have you tried MIDI-setup ?
  13. its more about iphone, than the insane community here. nice would be if you reveal your PhD-theme.
  14. Soffrite il freddo?

    "il metano ti dai un mano" pubblicita dell `80 piu nord e piacevole senza neve )