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  1. Excellent. Finally something worth reading!
  2. hecker

    Direct X for MacOSX

  3. Look in the tutorial and drivers section of this forum.
  4. hecker

    Windows 7, an OS X and Linux killer?

    Hold on. You need an extra license to run in XP mode? What about the XP license you were using until now?
  5. hecker

    7600GS AGP 256MB doesn't work

    Or simply add an EFI string to your boot.plist.
  6. hecker

    How Windows Can Be Fixed

    Right on.
  7. Well yes. Safe mode only loads the very minimum, AFAIK. You should definitely try putting only the very minimum at first and add the rest later. Good luck!
  8. If you already had a running system, then you should have everything you need to get a 132 Boot CD working. Did you try leaving out the video files?
  9. Did you burn the DVD on quality media and on a low speed? How is your DVD-Rom connected to the mainboard?
  10. Hi, and sorry for the delayed response. I would suggest that you use only those files that you know will 100% work. Did you have a running system before trying out the Boot-132 boot method?
  11. hecker

    How can I make my photos smaller for email?

    Who said that you had to pay to use Image Shackle? And what sense does it make to send several 5 to 10MB files over as an email attachment if people will just end up looking at them in a 1024x768 preview (or smaller) window, hmm? That's like taking your Hummer out to check your mailbox every morning.
  12. hecker

    Boot 132 image for IDE DVD drives?

    I use an IDE DVD-Rom and it works flawlessly. Maybe you didn't enter the right UUID? -hecker
  13. Thanks. And yes, it definitely works! I still haven't really found out exactly what the problem with AMD is. Some say the issue lays within the image creation process (when doing it from scratch via slimbuild's tool or the others) and not in the boot loader itself. The fact that it works when you take a pre-existing image file and modify it by adding an AMD compatible kernel (ie voodoo) and kexts, seems to prove this hypothesis. I've had my system running for more than 6 months now and it's just great. Cheers, hecker
  14. hecker

    Welchen Kernel

    Vielen Dank. Jetzt verstehe ich wieso ich so viele Schwierigkeiten beim sichern der Platte hatte. Ich hatte es nämlich mit Ghost (womit ich eigentlich in der Vergangenheit nur gute Erfahrungen hatte) und Acronis erfolglos ausprobiert. Cheers, -hecker
  15. hecker

    Welchen Kernel

    Hehe, no. I'm used to people trying to step on my toes just to sound what I like to call: "wiki-smart". But no hard feelings really. I usually start the day early during the summer season. That way I can leave the office earlier and spend some time with friends and family instead of being all day in front of the dumb box (like in winter) Cheers, -hecker