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The InsanelyLive OS X Project


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Welcome to the home of the InsanelyLive OS X Project


Currrent Staff:


Main Developers: modbin; rammjet

Supporting Developers: dragon

Forum Administrator: REVENGE

Project Status:


Boot Status: Intel and AMD SSE2+

OS X Version: Leopard 10.5.1

GUI: Fully Functional*

Drivers: Fully Compatible*

Application Customizable: Yes

Usability: Mostly Bug Free

Installable: Unknown for 10.5.1

USB Flash Drive: Unknown for 10.5.1, but presumably functional

LiveDVD.app: In development for 10.5.1

Special: Vanilla kernel booting available for Intel systems





After a long lack of activity, I received word from modbin a few days ago that Leopard has been successfully transformed into a Live DVD, complete with support for third party kexts [natit, etc.], and running without pervasive problems. Expect more news soon.


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Uh well, I've mostly quit from the OSx86 scene for now, and modbin and rammjet work on more important things dealing with OSx86 releases themselves I believe. This project is currently on hold I presume.

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