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  1. iATKOS S3 is released!

    Yay! Everything is working perfectly, except "Sleep". Thanks guys.
  2. For Audio solution, buy an USB audio. I found one brandless USB for 300 Bangladeshi Taka (4.2 US$) which is working great. It has a line out and a mic in. Both are working fine! I was slightly surprised when I saw the USB audio is working on Windows XP, Vista, 7 beta, Ubuntu 8.10 and of course on Leopard without any driver or any issue. Try it!
  3. At my office, people call their Macs PC (as a matter of fact, all mac pro-s).
  4. ›› Voodoo XNU Kernel is now Released

    Well, I've done the stupid thing. Installed Voodoo 1.0 in Xserve and ended up with the forever long boot screen (it never boots).
  5. ›› Voodoo XNU Kernel is now Released

    Can I use it with Apple Xserve? The Xserve came with Tiger, I have installed Leopard (not original), now it says invalid serial number. I was thinking if I use this kernel, there won't be anything called "serial".
  6. Show / hide hidden files in leopard.

    There's an official one, Change Finder run CF-R.app to hide stuff, CF-A.app to unhide. http://www.apple.com/downloads/macosx/unix...angefinder.html
  7. The Ultimate Web Browser

    Firefox 3, waiting for the Chrome for Mac.
  8. USB 2.0 for Leopard 10.5.7

    I have seatbelt.kext if you have meant that. and voodoo 1.0 kernel + system.kext as well. and yes, I can mount DMG files. After updating to fresh Voodoo 1.0 (without seatbelt) I had kernel panics when I tried to mount USB drive or few DMG files though. If it is the Voodoo kernel, let me check with modbin 9.4.0 kernel + System.kext. EDIT: YES! it was the kernel. Installed modbin 9.4.0 and everything works! I'm staying with modbin for now until Voodoo kernel problem is solved. Thanks mitch_de for the direction (I've never suspected it was the kernel) BTW, I had to install IOUSBMassStorageClass.kext in the /S/L/E folder.
  9. USB 2.0 for Leopard 10.5.7

    Thanks for the files USB bluetooth and Mass storage devices works ONLY if I plug them before booting the OS. Any idea why?
  10. 10.5.6 Released!

    Since I am using a non-vanilla kernel. I just used the and installed the delta updater, then manually installed voodoo kernel and the System.kext. Done USB mass storage stopped working after updating to 10.5.6. I know it is because of the new IOUSBMassStorageClass.kext. Anyone else having this problem? Everything else working fine.
  11. USB 2.0 for Leopard 10.5.7

    Mass Storage problem after updating to 10.5.6 I guess the problem is
  12. Windows 7 Pre Beta Build 6956

    My notebook's wireless is not working It works on a boot, on next boot it stops working :S on 6801 it worked perfectly. Thinking to switch back to 6801
  13. How to open the case of a Mac Pro?

    No, figured it out just after posting this message. Thanks for the link. Nice one
  14. Can anybody tell me how to open the casing of a mac pro? I need to install Apple Fibre Channel PCI-e card in it. Being a hackintosh user for a long time I have no idea of how to open the casings of real macs Thanks in advance.
  15. LAN Marvell Yukon-2 driver

    Did you try editing the Info.plist and replacing with your device/vendor IDs? I am using 88E8039 by this method. Working fine. I can give you my kext, you can edit the plist and just replace 39 by 40.