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  1. nicknowsky


    OOOOOO, shoot!!! AM I too loate to help test???My AMD X2 4000, 1GB RAM, IDE HD, 8400GS are just waiting to install this
  2. nicknowsky

    New AMD DVD for leopard

    this is a little off topic, but u wanna make ur lappy run like a champ, SERVER 2008 RTM, trust me ur laptop will love it!! Its like a super slim, top speed Vista with SP1 built in, Im using it as we speak, and its the BEST OS out rite now! NOW GETTING BACK on topic...................................... Does copying a IONetworkingFamily.kext from my Myzar 10.4.6 to say Leopard work????? Cause Myzar recognized my Realtek PCI card. And where is that topic for getting Realtek ALC662 HD Audio to work??? I kow someone told me but I cant find it
  3. nicknowsky

    The InsanelyLive OS X Project

    AMD support??? I am wanting this more and more
  4. nicknowsky

    New AMD DVD for leopard

    and you are??????
  5. nicknowsky

    New AMD DVD for leopard

    its the weirdest thing I have looked everywhere Nothing, even when i backed up my drivers everyone a name except for audio, it just keeps saying Realtek High Def Audio EVERYWHERE!!! I will try out ALC662 i might be that. Also I have been trying the AppleRTL8139Ethernet.zip for my LAN and it doesnt WORK, I have added all kinds of kexts and still nothing, I RealtekRTL8139/810x seems to be common, but I cant get it to work, I need a definite otherwise Leopard is useless, I live off broadband access!!! EDIT:YES IT IS THE ALC662 duhhhhhhh, look at my SIG, I found it out already, Now the RealtekRTL8201N is the ONBOARD LAN, not the Realtek PCI card I have been asking about (i disabled it cause I hate Nforce compatibility!) and if I had to delete ALL NVIDIA GeForce kexts to load LEOPARD how am I supposed to re-install them?? I tried using the Nvidia Installer from the LeoWiki, it installed and I restarted, BUT I got the same Geforce Kernal Panics, so I had to boot into -S and remove them, any ideas on that???I know I seem to be asking n00bish questions, but i am SOO WINDOWS MINDED I can grasp any of this KEXTS and TERMINAL and all this MAC Command Line editing, i see all craziness and I cant get it, thats why, I mean I can do it, but it isnt easy, I just WANT my ETHERNET working
  6. nicknowsky

    New AMD DVD for leopard

    Its funny Im looking in device manager and thru my drivers i backed up, its Realtek High Def Audio on nvida nforce 630a, thats all it says! I never noticed that, and my LAN is Realtek PCI RLT8139 Network card, I have tried a few RealtekR1000 and the Realtek Mac driver from the Realtek site and someother kexts I found browsing around. But usually when I do a fresh install I always check and my LAN is all working Natively, but since i Upgraded from tiger, NOTHING is supported?
  7. nicknowsky

    New AMD DVD for leopard

    I installed tubgirl 10.4.9, and I dont have LAN or Audio and only native resolution. my goal was to upgrae to Leopard and skip the Account Creation Process altogether. Now in previous attempts to install Leopard have yielded bad results although when I get to the GUI part of the installation I like to click on the SYSTEM PROFILER to see what is working natively, and evertime I get LAN and video seems to be recognized by Leopard. But for the 1st time I chose UPGRADE ( i did notice installation was very finnicky this time and took a longer time) When done LEOPARD DESKTOP appeared for the 1st time!! I did it thankgod But I have NO ethernet/LAN or Video ( did have to delete all nvidia kexts to boot the 1st time) Does the upgrade process NOT INSTALL all the drivers that a fresh install would?? I know seems like a dumb question, but I need INTERNET. I got a REALTEK PCI network card, and it is ALWAUS supported natively, but for some reason it isnt for me, everywhere I read it looks as if REALTEK works by default on Leopard, so what drivers can I use to get it working or how to get my LAN working
  8. nicknowsky

    New AMD DVD for leopard

    I did but it DIDNT do anything, I think I have problems typing it, but I didnt get an BAD COMMANDS strings appear, but I am not this even does?? I do have question on one of the Solutions, the one where you change the Graphics Mode, I need o know hoe to type IT EXACTLY. This is how I see it everywhere "Graphics Mode" = "640x480x32" Now do I use the actual quotation marks?? is there a space between Graphics & Mode and a space after Graphics Mode & the 640x480 like the graphics Mode = 640x480x32. And do i use x or * from the keypad. If someone could show me exactly how I should type it at the BOOTLOADER, cause I cant figure it out and if typed correctly it should skip the account creation process altogether, cause like I said I get stuck on the absolute last screen, where you set the password. Please only thing holding me back from gettin Leopard to run!!!
  9. nicknowsky

    New AMD DVD for leopard

    I am in the same BOAT, except I get to the very last screen where you actually set your PASSWORD! I get the beachball and everything you get!! I have tried everything in the wiki and RESET over 11 times andf still cant get thru it????????????????????
  10. nicknowsky

    New AMD DVD for leopard

    Now I can check off my video, but how I still cant get past the last ACCOUNT CREATION screen, I had trouble getting thru most of them I had to RESET bout 4 times to get to the LAST screen (where you set the ADMIN password) and I cant get past it!! Thats really my main issue, I get there and I fill everything out and hit continue and looks as if its gonna go, but then BOOM!! I get that annoying little spinning color wheel hour glass appears and the black type that says "creating account" I need to get past this I have tried a few things, but I need a definate, I am soooo close to getting this to work!! (its the last screen I get stuck on)
  11. nicknowsky

    New AMD DVD for leopard

    I FINALLY got 10.5.1 to boot, and I started to get HAPPY ( it was a long hard road outta hell) (10.5.1 seemed to have alot working right outta the box for me) So I had to Remove the GeForce Kexts, it booted and then came the account creations lock ups!! I had to RESET 4 times to get to the FINAL SCREEN, where u make password and thats where I AM STUCK, I have tried 3 times alone to get past that and into the desktop, but NO luck. Although the last time I rest, it seemed to have created the 1st account, I filled in my as usual, got to the PassWord screen, and I was told that "THAT NAME IS ALREADY IN USE" Okay I thought I will change a bit and I will it to work! NOPE!! I just get the Spinning Color Wheel appears and NOTHING happens, I let it go for 35 mins and it didnt work?? Any Ideas?? I do have nforce LAN disabled and I went out and bought a Realtek PCI Lan card that is Working!! And does anyone have any Idea about my Geforce 8400GS?? has anyone got that outta Native resolution>?T#WT
  12. nicknowsky

    Driver for nForce4 LAN

    anyone used this with nforce 630a??? i need LAN to work
  13. nicknowsky

    Calling all NForce6 users!

    im here my nforce 630a!!!! I have been able to install various builds, but NO LAN or Audio!! anyone get LAN with these nforce boards??? and anyone use geforce 8400GS card?? that would be nice to get working, I only have native resolution
  14. nicknowsky

    Mac OS 10.5 on AMD (Help)

    Fellow AMDers!! Do you have LAN working on your geforce 7050/nforce 630a?? I got the 7025/630a and Iam going crazy trying to gfet LAN drivers!! I have installed bot tubgirk 10.4.10 and Zeo's Leopard but its very basic and limited I need LAN and audio