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  1. Paulo Greimel

    Solution for non QE/CI Machines [Almost]

    I'm receiving a lot of private messages, so I've decided to post a reply here. Last week I logged in and saw that some of you were requesting the images that are now missing in my first post. I'm really busy at school and I don't have Mac OS X installed on my notebook anymore, and that's why I am unable to re-upload the screenshots. I remeber changing many settings related to QE, many of them were some sort of "strings" you'd get by opening an inspector and dragging the ones you wanted to a box inside the own inspector. To test if the settings are correct (I think it's a combination of settings/"strings") just open iTunes and try CoverFlow. If it works, you're all set, and you'll be able to use the other apps I listed in this thread. I know it won't be a problem. People in this forum are very smart and if I made it, you guys can too. Best wishes, Paulo
  2. Hello! I'm finally back to the OSx86 world again. Well, the point is: my D-link DWL G510 doesn't work anymore (was on my desktop pc), so I need a brand new wireless card. That PC used to run Windows XP because I couldn't get the crappy wi-fi to work in Leopard. Now I want to buy a good wireless card that is absolutely compatible with OSx86 (Leo). I've searched the Wiki and I found some interesting ones: PCI Broadcom 4311 802.11b/g Linksys WMP54GS v1.1 USB Netgear WG111v3 (Realtek RTL8187L chipset) I like the WMP54GS v1.1 and I want to know from the owners: is it good? how about the speed? I wanted it to be detected as AirPort card and have that fancy wireless menu . Are there better options? I would prefer cheaper ones. Cheers, Paulo
  3. Paulo Greimel

    RTL8187 problem in Leopard

    Jpabferreira: Sorry I couldn't answer earlier but I had some problems with school. I will try your method of replacing the ACPI .kexts. Thanks
  4. Paulo Greimel

    RTL8187 problem in Leopard

    When I set the BIOS option "Legacy USB Support" DISABLED I don't see the {censored} RTL8187 on System Profilers. I had to let it enabled but I'll try to change the Device Id in the info.plisT.
  5. Paulo Greimel

    Request: Default Icons

    Take a look at OSX-E in the "Downloads" section.
  6. Paulo Greimel

    RTL8187 problem in Leopard

    OK. I just asked where were you from because I'm from Brazil and also speak Portuguese .
  7. Paulo Greimel

    RTL8187 problem in Leopard

    Okay, thanks, I'll try that. And where are you from? EDIT: And, how do I know what is my RTL8187: B or L? EDIT2: After a little research, I found out that mine is RTL8187L, maybe that's why your trick is not working for me but I'll try changing the device id.
  8. Paulo Greimel

    RTL8187 problem in Leopard

    Not working here too. Take a look here again, Realtek says new drivers are coming in the end of February.
  9. Paulo Greimel

    RTL8187 problem in Leopard

    That's really nice, if you said it's working (not random anymore) I'll install Leopard and goodbye Windows!
  10. Paulo Greimel

    RTL8187 problem in Leopard

    Now it works every single boot? For sure? Like Tiger did?
  11. Paulo Greimel

    Near Flawless install... Untill...

    Yes, you need to fix the wireless card, but the steps are pretty simple: 1. Find the right .kext for your card (Ethernet or Wireless) 2. Put this .kext in a pendrive (USB) 3. Boot the Leopard Install DVD with the pendrive plugged in, open Terminal from the Utilities menu 4. Browse to /Volumes/NAME_OF_YOUR_PENDRIVE/ 5. Copy the .kext that is inside your pendrive to your leopard partition typing: cp -R /Volumes/NAME_OF_YOUR_PENDRIVE/YOUR_KEXT_NAME.kext /Volumes/YOUR_LEOPARD_PARTITION/System/Library/Extensions/ Remember to replace those NAME_OF_YOUR_PENDRIVE... to the real name, as well as the .kext name and Leopard partition name. 6. Reboot, pop out the DVD. 7. Press F8 and in the boot options type -f -v. 8.Then you should be all set, you'll be able to complete that initial setup. Good Luck, Paulo
  12. Paulo Greimel

    RTL8187 problem in Leopard

    Not correctly. I installed Leopard and the Realtek driver but no wireless yet, then I opened the Realtek WLAN Utility and turned the wireless card off, waited 30 seconds or so and turned it on again, then, I tried to reconnect and it worked. But it's not always that it works and it helps not losing the connection again if you open terminal and type: ping www.google.com (remember not to quit Terminal). No way 'til Apple releases 10.5.2.
  13. Paulo Greimel

    RTL8187 problem in Leopard

    Will try that pippodark! Thanks! But what's the difference between 8187B and 8187L?
  14. Paulo Greimel

    RTL8187 problem in Leopard

    The new beta of 10.5.2 is already on ADC, nothing new here, it doesn't seem to have fixed the wi-fi problem. That final release is taking very long...
  15. Paulo Greimel

    Nvidia GeForce 6200 LE not working HELP!

    Try searching for NVinject or Natit, I'm sure you'll find a plenty of very detailed guides.