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Xbox 360 or PS3

Xbox 360 or PS3?  

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Ok, I am in the market to buy a gaming system. I ahve a pc that I use and it will have 2 or 3 gb soon, but I don't know wheter I should get a gaming system, and if I do, what I should get. Oh, I already want a Wii, but you still can't get one for the msrp. Thanks for your comments!

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Xbox 360, it has better games and a better online experience (the price is better too!). For the 360, there's Halo 3, Mass Effect, CoD4, Fallout 3, Bioshock, Assassin's Creed, Blacksite, etc. For the PS3....there's nothing that really jumps out. You do have to pay for Live, but it's well worth the cost.


If you're a die hard Sony fan, you might want the PS3; otherwise get a 360.

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The XBox 360 is technically the more graphically powerful machine, and what I gather from technical analyses I've read & developer's blogs, it's a lot easier to take advantage of the three general purpose cores than Cell's SPUs, so for all intents and purposes 360 probably has more CPU power too... That said, PS3 is like a cheap Blu-Ray player too, plus you can install Linux on it when you get bored with playing games on it, so in many ways it's probably the more useful platform. (I say this from the point of view as somebody who owns a 360 but hasn't used it for a couple of months because the games are too expensive, not all that great, and graphically surpassed by my PC, which I also don't really play many games except OpenTTD on. Maybe I'm just not the gaming sort?)

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Pay the extra money for the Wii.


I personally own a Wii and an Xbox 360. I love my 360 for its media center extension, halo 3, and gears of war, but...


Nothing compares to the unlimited hours fun on the Wii. Even the most basic games are tons of fun (i.e. Wii Boxing). Plus, Super Mario Galaxy and Super Smash Bros. are both coming out within the next month!!!


Go Wii!!!!!!!!!

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if you already have a gaming-pc you should get yourself a wii. it has metroid, zelda and mario galaxy PLUS you can rock out to guitar hero 3 on the wii as well. since it is the console with the biggest install base you can bet on third party support for the future. EA is already developing more for the wii then it is developing for the ps3 and xbox360.

if you have a htpc, there is absolutly no argument for the video capabilitys of those other consoles.

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I think it depends on what kind of games you're into.



There are advantages to both the PS3 and the 360, but cons too.


PS3 advantage-Comes with Bluray stock, no need to buy an external drive. And only $400 for it, so basically a cheap bluray player.

Con- There aren't that many releases for the PS3 that make it breathtaking...


360 advantage- The 360 personally imo has the easiest and well known online communication, Xbox live. You can download content, movies, talk to friends, etc. Easy to keep in contact.

Con- Hdmi? Come on now, I don't want to pay the extra money just for HDMI, even more when the elite is the same xbox with just hdmi.


PS3 advantage- This one is a big one for me. Sony has made it really easy and cheap to download full games to the PS3, fast and easy.

Con- The controllers for me are too light. I need some weight with it, you know.


360 advantage- Media extender, great. :)

con- This one isn't that big of a deal, because you can just get rechargeable batteries, but the 360 controllers use just any regular double A batteries.


Ps3 advantage- HAS an ass load of processing power in the cell.

Con- This advantage however has a huge con. The cell is not being used fully, and really not all that great. I think developers need to take up a rendering method that's more cpu dependant, like Raytracing, but I don't see that happening any time soon.


360 advantage- Still has memory cards, so if I need to get a file quick to someone elses 360, there you go. :D

360 con- You need to download a patch to play an Xbox game on it. Sorry, not to play it, but emulate it.


PS3 advantage- Controllers can charge and be used at the same time via the usb wire from controller to console.

con- The new PS3s don't contain the chip to play some PS2 and PS1 games on it. Sucks though.


If you don't need Wifi, you can buy a 20 gb PS3 and upgrade the harddrive in it. And if you still play PS2 games, since it has the chip to play ps2 games. The new 40 gb PS3 doesn't.

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I plan to get a wii. Just I don't want to pay double for a wii. Still going to get one. I really want a 360 or PS3 because I want Battlefield: Bad Company. Maybe I'll just upgrade my pc. Whats cool is that microsoft upgraded all the packages with hdmi, so 280 for hdmi.

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COD4 on Xbox Live is so fn great.Xbox live owns ps3.

Ps3 has great media functions but if u like FPS then the 360 has

the best games for consoles.They also run better than on the Ps3.

PS3 + hype!Buy PS3 if u want blu ray but I'd go for a next gen lg dual format

player in that case.

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ok , firstly i have both of these consoles the xbox 360 elite, and the ps3 60gig, graphics : both on the same tv running via hdmi there's no difference, seriously nothing, nada. noise levels, ps3 is a little more quieter. UI i prefer the xbox, it just feels really nice and is very user friendly. personally get xbox but make sure its the elite! my other xbox pro died dues to the fan broke or something? But Xbox has great games available, and is very fun

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I own a 360 and really like it alot. I bought when they were first released. My reasons were simple, I wanted the best graphic base with online support that allowed me to play Halo/Halo2 (at the time).


Hands down Xbox LIVE is *the* reason to own an Xbox 360. And yes, Halo 3 is another good reason, if this is your type of game. I loved Halo & Halo 2 but have been disappointed with 3. Still I play often and almost always online via the multiplayer mode.


I've played the Wii and found it too "kiddish". For instance baseball is kind of neat that you throw and hit the ball with their special controller, but the players (triangles with balls for heads) just bounces base to base. There is no control to steal bases, or to get a double when it should have been a single, etc. Very, very generic. Great for kids, but not my gaming system type.


I've also played the PS3 and love the graphics on certain games. My 2 problems with it is game selection (should come later) and also the lack of online play support. My Xbox 360 games hold value over time (in my eyes anyhow) because I can play and play again online against other people. Without that option I would grow tired of them more often.


So yeah, Xbox 360 all the way!

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its actually untrue that the ps3 has better graphics. its actually quite the opposite. while the ps3 hardware is undeniably better, the ps3 drivers suck. thus not allowing it to run at full processing speed causing it to lag in intensive situations. also, I've played metal gear solid 4 and it is definetely the worst metal gear game in the series. If you like metal gear, get substance. it was released for the xbox. in addition, while the xbox fans may be noisy, they are efficient and make your xbox cool enough to keep an ice cube on. can't say the ps3 fans do that well. Xbox 360 also has the single greatest interface of any console known to man with the abillity to play music from your xbox while playing your favorite games with the touch of a button. Xbox live has even more flexibillity that Steam and beats the living {censored} out of psn. dont get me wrong, they are both good consoles, but I far prefer the 360 for the above reasons. peace out.

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