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  1. The cheapest Xserve of all human history.

    So you basically just installed OS X Server on the thing? It is a cool project, but coming from an IT environment I can tell you that rack-mounting, multiple network interfaces, multi-core Xeon servers, and redundant power supplies are what make it a 'server'.
  2. NVM, I figured it out. Ground and LED to LED on mobo, power+ to power button on mobo leaving the ground pin empty for power button on the mobo. Worked great.
  3. Thank you for posting that PoloBear, I do appreciate it! On the topic, there are 4 pins on the mobo (2 for power button and 2 for power LED, so whcih one did you leave out? I assume powerbtn+ goes to the power button on the mobo, and LED goes to the LED on the mobo, but which pin does FW-GND go to on the mobo? Thanks again.
  4. I am jumping head first into this project and already ran into a roadblock. You guessed it: the power button. I can't for the life of me figure this thing out. I got the LED to turn on when the system is powered (using pins 3 and 17 going into the power LED on my mobo), however I can't figure out the power button. I have tried sifting through all the diagrams on this thread, but still no luck. My question is this: is it possible to only wire up the power button to get that working first? If so, which pins from the front panel need to go into the mobo power button pins? I appreciate any help!
  5. I want to do a full backup. I assumed the best way was to make a image of my Macbooks hard drive and place it on my 500GB USB External drive. So I boot off the install disc, select disk utility, click the hard drive, select new image, place the destination as 500GBEX (external drive) disk0.dmg and click go. It seems to start but a few seconds later it stops and throws up an error. What is the better way to create a image of a drive to be placed on a external drive?
  6. (Trade)Xbox

    Are you kidding? $400 item for a $50 item and a $200 item? Won't ever happen, sorry.
  7. Custmize Leopard Better and faster!

    Some cool software there, something that Apple should include in their OS if you ask me.
  8. My thoughts on Leopard

    Agreed with above. Good review, just a little late.
  9. A Thanksgiving Freeze

    2 weeks ago I contacted apple about my battery (total charge dropped from 100% to 94% in 1 month, they said they were sending me a replacement in 2-3 days. Like i said, it has been 2 weeks and still no battery.
  10. Block All P2P!

    That guy is an idiot. Get FiOS and stop complaining buddy.
  11. I have this installed but for some reason it doesn't mount my bootcamp partition in Leopard (on my Macbook).
  12. At college we are only allowed 1 network device to be plugged in at a time (ie we cannot use routers/hubs to take our port and use multiple devices). I decided to plug my ethernet cable into my PC, share the local connection, then make a Mac to PC direct wireless connection. That allows my Macbook to access the internet wireless by sending data through the PC, and it works great. My complaint is that when I transfer data to my desktop pc (a shared windows drive) it is slow. I have a Wireless-G PCI adapter in my desktop, thus 54Mbps. When I open the Windows task manager, it displays the link speed as 11Mbps! And when transfering over the wireless (the systems are no more than 1 foot from eachother so it isn't a range issue) my connection utilization is at ~50-53% (around 5-6Mbps). What gives? Is the Macbook throttling down to 11Mbps? Is 11Mbps the max a System to System wireless connection can operate? This is baffling me as I am only getting around 600-1000KB/sec when I should theoretically get more, way more. Any idea why this is? Again, is there a Mac or PC setting that would effect this speed? I am using XP on the PC, and Leopard on the macbook. Thanks!
  13. FireFox 3 Beta 1 Available

    My bad, I figured spam bots like so would be blocked. I apologize.
  14. FireFox 3 Beta 1 Available

    Meh, still prefer Safari. Is your email address perhaps, KFC_ROCKS@oops.com?
  15. For Sale: Dell E1505 Laptop

    Thats a very good price, I just sold my E1505 for $650 (little different specs, 1.86GHz, 1GB mem, 80GB HD) but still 450 for yours is a nice deal.