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    New Video Card

    Same boat. I'm also looking to upgrade to a newer card in the same price range. I wish the wiki had better details to help with upgrading info. I've been looking at the Sapphire 4870 and the GTS 250.I would like dual monitor support. I'm not trying to hijack this thread, just don't want to double post ya know. BTW it brings it back to the top anyway.
  2. trance4jim

    What Audio Interface Do You Use?

    M-Audio Ozonic Firewire Interface/Keyboard. Works very well. Never had any issues with the driver except when using Windows XP and that ASIO4all driver.10.5 runs much better than XP did for me. I use with 2 Samson R5A's and 1 R10s Subwoofer.The sub has a matched crossover to work with my R5A's. These speakers have a very clean sound and I use a pair of Audio-Technica ATM50 headphones to a/b my mixes on. Fantastic budget equipment! Its for musicians to connect their outputs to monitor speakers/ mixers and inputs to instruments/ microphones.
  3. trance4jim


    30 tracks on unoptimized system running logic 9.01
  4. First off, I previously had a setup running XP to see how my new eGreat m34a could work. I'd transfer my new movies to my samsung 1 TB (NTFS), then shut down and disconnect drive. Reconnect to my hd tank eGreat m34a and watch 1080p .mkv movies with DTS on my system down stairs. Well, I hated running XP and reworked back to os x. I've read about using a tool to add read/write abilities to leopard and planned on accessing the drive in os x. So now, I run OSX as the sole operating system and wish not to install XP. Ok. --So, I connect the Movie Drive (check my signature) which is formatted in NTFS to my E-Sata dock and bootup OS X. It says failed to read drive format. It doesn't mount in diskutility but shows up. Mount is not accessable and also the drive doesn't show up on desktop. So I googled (mount NTFS OSX) and found Macfuse and Tuxera. Reading their instructions, it says that the drive should mount and show up before it can allow reading/writing. Now I'm stuck and ask for any advice? Please help
  5. trance4jim

    Rewire Reason from pc to mac

    Shavex, do you know what ReWire is? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ReWire Its not actual cables bro. Its a software link between audio apps. I run it currently from reason to logic on a mac.I guess its not capable of connecting through a network anyway.I'll have to export to mac then rewire to logic from there.
  6. trance4jim

    Rewire Reason from pc to mac

    Does anyone know if I can rewire reason 4 on a pc to a mac running logic? I have a pc laptop that seems to be non compatible with osx and would like to rewire to logic on my desktop.Are there conflictions because of pc/mac with rewire?
  7. Did retail install from chevy's guide on the othe forum for the wind. It runs perfect and was very easy to do. All updates ran smoothly and everything works fine except headphones/mic.I use a bluetooth adapter to send audio to a nice ipod speaker system.I stream mp3's using Plex and it is quite amazing.Its a port of xbmc for mac.I popped out the factory wifi and installed a Gigabyte n300 dual band card.I added 2gb ram and runs pretty good.720p mkvs run pretty good but apple trailers are not so good.I love my Wind but its really a surprise for my wife (Has the hearts on it)Go for the wind, get all updates running retail boot132/Chameleon Xtra folder way. Oh my cam wouldn't work til I got all updates and quicktime software updates too.
  8. Aspire One is a good value but not in $100 range. Great for surfing net or email. My MSI wind is quite powerful but not for gaming of HD viewing. They both suffer from a 1024x600 screen whichs affects certain programs from functioning properly. I still love mine for streaming mp3s bluetoothed to my speaker system!
  9. trance4jim

    HP Pavilion ddv7

    It seems to have a solution here but may be difficult for some. There is a guide for dv5 Here I personally don't own one yet but plan on soon.I need the dv7 for firewire.
  10. Hp dv5 or dv7 seems like a viable option too.There is a guide for the dv5.nvidia 9600gt(nice) They are selling at costco's website with customization.90 return policy 2 year warranty(not bad). I'm doing more research before I take the plunge.I'm looking for a current mbp competitor. The dv7 has firewire that I need.Still gotta determine how solid it is though.
  11. I personally have the wind and it is 95% compatible.You need a new wifi card and suggest 2gb ram upgrade.Webcam works after 10.5.5 updates and quicktime updates.Its one of the few that have the card reader working.The graphics work at 1024 x 600 after installing 950 kexts.I suggest kamikaze's package and a retail install.Sound partially works(no headphones/mic) just speakers.Bluetooth works well once I learned to hold down the fn key and cycle through the wifi/bt f key function to enable either or option. Ok what you lose with all of these netbooks so far is the limited resolution stops certain programs from running.I wish they had a 1280 x 768 screen. But, for what a netbook is really for, it does what we want.They are for internet, email, basic editing and mutimedia.If you want a decent mutimedia experience, then get ( Plex ).It is basically xbmc for mac.It has a slick interface and with 2gb ram and a cache bump can run 720p .mkv pretty well. Apple trailors still stutter though.Anyone with a Wind or mac should check it out. Another cool thing was that I got from the Sprint store was a bluetooth ipod access. adapter.Attach to your favorite ipod speakers(one that can charge ur ipod) and wirelessly send sound to it from your wind.It works great!
  12. trance4jim

    NVIDIA 9 Series Driver Installer v2

    How many people on here have successfully installed this on their 9xxx laptop? I'm interested in getting a p-7811 fx laptop if I find full compatibility.Its on the wiki but I hope that the card reader works too(I know but some gateways do).I want to know which model laptop and graphics card.
  13. trance4jim

    G94(9600gt) is fully supported by new mbp drivers!

    How many people on here have successfully installed this on their 9xxx laptop? I'm interested in getting a p-7811 fx laptop if I find full compatibility.Its on the wiki but I hope that the card reader works too(I know but some gateways do).I want to know which model laptop and graphics card.
  14. I know that thanks. The least things hangin out of my laptop the better.So far i've seen a few laptops with the card reader working. If anyone knows of a laptop with a current decent graphics card let me know.