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Blu-Ray for MacBook Pros


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Do you guys really believe in Blu-ray over HD-DVD? I like the larger capacity, BDJ (very cool, but I don't know if something that expansive will ever be used to its full potential), and the blue cases, but HD-DVD seems more consumer friendly. It's cheaper and has a solid spec that every player supports, whereas Blu-ray players support features on a per-player basis. As a result, the entry level player will not get you some of the features that the higher end ones will, while HD-DVD players all offer the same options. Except 720p/1080p. Which is stupid.


I dunno. I used to be 100% Blu-ray, but now I'm undecided. It's unfair to get the one with the better content: IMO, they both have a nice choice of movies (with my current pick for content being Blu-ray!). And lets be clear: DVD still rocks.



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