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  1. limini

    Samsung N130

    It's probably because your netbook defaults to mirroring when you plug in your second monitor. That means it's showing the desktop on both monitors. What you want is spanning, where one monitor becomes an extension of the other. There's ways to deal with that, so do a search. If you use NBI there's execs in the Extra's folder specifically there to deal with it. BTW, I've never been able to get the external monitor working alone with the internal off on my N310 + os x. That would be preferable for better performance on the external, but alas...
  2. limini

    N310 + 10.6.3 + Broadcom Crystal HD + XBMP = :)

    3 notes for the record: 1. To know if CrystalHD is active, in XBMC got to (from XBMC's root menu) Settings\Video\Playback and it should be listed there. It's NOT in Settings\Settings\Video... 2. If CrystalHD was active before but isn't now and you haven't changed anything, run this command in the terminal to reactivate it: sudo kextload /System/Library/Extensions/BroadcomCrystalHD.kext 3. Turns out if you have a 700015 card, you don't need bcm70012fw.bin in ~usr/lib, just bcm70015fw.bin BTW: I'm still running the old r156 version of the Crystal HD drivers. Don't know if there ever will be a proper release of r176, anyone know?
  3. limini


    This technique for enabling sleep worked for me for 10.6.6 on the N310. Thanks to SlothTyper on the DellMini forum for the original posting here. - Disable secure virtual memory: without this it can't work! SysPrefs > Security > General, should be the 5 th checkbox down and you likely have to release the "padlock" and enter your password to make this change. Then Reboot. - Remove the sleep image: in terminal type sudo rm /var/vm/sleepimage - Enable sleep and deep sleep: in terminal type sudo pmset -a hibernatemode 3 Then close the lid and wait for it to sleep (it'll take a while before all activity ceases and you're left with just a blinking blue LED). You can only wake up the N310 from the power button (unlike the mac where you can use the spacebar or other keys) so press the power button and it should come right back up to wherever you were. To test deep sleep, sleep the machine (the Fn+Esc N310 key should work), and once sleeping, unplug the power supply if connected and remove the battery, wait a few seconds, then reinstall the battery and power it back on (press the power button). The N310 will boot from scratch after you do this (going through the bios), but once it loads OS X it should bring you right back to where you were when you activated sleep.
  4. limini


    Just a final note: except for the wrong processor speed in System Profiler and the inability to turn off Bluetooth, I managed to get everything else working 100% on the N310 and 10.6.6. The final hurdle was audio and I fixed it this way: 1. Deleted the "AppleHDA.kext.10.6.3" folder that NBI 0.8.5pre installs in S/L/E. 2. Used the N310 ALC272 kext from kexts.com and copied it to the S/L/E. 3. Used Kext Utility 2.4.2 to fix permissions; after the previous step, the system kept issuing multiple popups about how it couldn't use this kext and how it was improperly installed, which was in the end a permissions issue that the Kext Utility fixed. It takes a long time to run, so be patient. BTW, earlier versions of Kext Utility might not work. 4. When I rebooted the system wouldn't start; verbose mode revealed a KP, so I restarted with "recovery=yes" and when I got into the system, audio worked and has worked ever since. One small side note: with 10.6.6 I had to put the driver for my CrystalHD card (BroadcomCrystalHD.kext) in S/L/E and ran the Kext Utility to repair permissions and it worked. Somehow it wouldn't run from the Extra folder as it did before.
  5. limini

    OS X

    I've installed Ubuntu 10.10 on one of my machines and quite frankly, Canonical has done an amazing job of delivering a very tightly integrated and very complete package. Ubuntu is an example of what an alternative OS can be and it's astounding that something like this can be offered for FREE. The more I work with it, the more I like it. I'm not sure of what you're implying. What design rules?
  6. limini

    OS X

    Yesterday I noticed that the App store knows if an App available in the Store is already on my system (it's marked as "Installed"). That means that with 10.6.6, Apple knows exactly what's installed on every Apple computer. Let me rephrase that: With 10.6.6, Apple knows EXACTLY what apps are installed on your computer.
  7. Did you completely power off between the two OSes? I mean actually pull the plug to the machine and count to ten to let the capacitors drain? Otherwise it's not unusual for a software-driven hardware device to stay in a state that it can't be reset from especially if the software isn't 100% compatible and that this state survive a restart. A power down would normally cure this. But if it survives a complete power off then some static batttery powered memory is keeping the state, in which case the CMOS reset is the thing to do.
  8. I have to agree. I don't think it's a coincidence that 2007 was a bumper year for Apple and it was also the year after hackintoshes became relatively easy to set up (when they moved to Intel processors and became PC's in disguise). People who will spend the time to get their hackintosh's running and go through the trouble of setting them up and maintaining them are relatively few. And these same people are typically technological gurus within their communities (how many of your relatives have made you their first call tech support specialist? ). Thus this marginal class become Apple specialists and evangelists with very little real cost to Apple. Why would Apple interfere with this process? It's likely that Apple records machine serials and other identifying information whenever Software Update is used, so I'm pretty sure they keep an eye on these statistics (what: you didn't know that these corporations collect far more information than they should?). For now we are really a very small niche in the market. If they really wanted to pull this plug there's no doubt in my mind that they could.
  9. limini


    Got to 10.6.6 on N310: Uninstalled VoodooHDA (terminal: voodoohda-uninstall) and rebooted. Repaired permissions via Disk Utility. DLed 10.6.6 update (not combo) and installed but before restarting I ran NBI 0.8.5pre. Restart. Installed 0.8.5pre again. At this point Finder wasn't responding to KB or mouse clicks and had to run NBI from terminal (open). Restart, and removed the useless Realtek nic driver installed in Extra\GE\, and replaced the NBI generated DSDT with the one from computersolutions. Ran Extra\UpdateExtra Repaired permissions via Disk Utility and restarted one final time. After all that, 10.6.6 is functional (I don't plan on using the app store on this machine...), and everything mostly works EXCEPT sound. I'm testing the system before I re-install VoodooHDA because I suspect some odd behaviors are caused by it. The only other minor issue is that BT can't be turned off. Oh, and the fact that my processor now runs at 4.1 GHz (but that's only cosmetic). One thing I've noticed is that NBI 0.8.5pre installs AppleHDA.kext + a folder called "AppleHDA.kext.10.6.3" in S/L/E which doesn't seem normal. I'm wondering if that's what's breaking audio starting in 10.6.5. Using NBI there's no way to avoid it. Trying to remove them causes the system to report a mis-installed driver; there's surely a way to put a clean AppleHDA there, but I don't know if it would work or not anyway. Anyone know?
  10. I've noticed a lot of topics are getting updated with spam posts - ie: irrelevant off-topic posts with links to external sites. I don't know if anyone's properly administrating this forum, but something has to be done before it turns into a mockery of its former self. In the hope someone is monitoring, I've taken to report off-topic spam before the volume of it gets too great to handle by the admins. Here's to hoping we can stop the infection...
  11. limini

    Anyone Dual Boot on a Notebook?

    So you're girlfriend can't delete her original post either? I just deleted my reply: original posts can't be deleted. You remind me of MY girlfriend...
  12. After my latest install of 10.6.5 on my Samsung N310 using NBI 0.8.5pre, according to both System Profiler my N270 Atom rated at 1.6 GHz is running at 4.1 GHz. According to CPU-X it's running at 4096 MHz, using an FSB of 25 MHZ and a multiplier of 163.5(!). Now I know this stuff is supposed to be cosmetic. MacCPUID does tell me the CPU is running at 1.6 GHz. The system isn't unstable or overheating. But I'd really like to get the proper info in there. I know this is a loaded question, but any pointers even if vague would be welcome: How can I get the right info to show up? Like I said, I'm using Melkor's NBI, so it's something in that setup. I've been looking off and on for days. Thanks!