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Leopard installation


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I have been using hackintosh and macintosh(PPC) machines for quite a while together, but now there is news. I am, at the moment, attempting to upgrade a hackintosh 10.4 tiger installation to Leopard, which should run fine on a conventional intel machine.

The Process:

On a normal mac,

Install your current osx86 installation HD on a normal mac.

find the file OSInstall.mpkg on the leopard install disk.

use it to install on the hackintosh HD, which should be the only one you can install to(unless u have other HDs...)

wait for it to finish(i am here)

shutdown and reinstall HD into Hackintosh.


*Hint to users who got a .dmg [rip] of the DVD and do not want to burn to dual layer DVD:

this should for regular mac installations, with some changes.



I was wondering if this is going to work, and how i can make it work if not.


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yeah, sorry, guys...i'm on the edge of my seat for WWDC, but i don't have it, and cannot tell you how to get it other than via paying for ADC.


leopard on hackintosh will be harder than i thought, i failed to realize the compexities of the OS, that i had dealt with before.

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