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  1. bxsci(macuser)

    Santa Claus: An Engineers Perspective

    this is definitely going on some board somewhere in my school
  2. bxsci(macuser)

    whats your favorite anime/manga

    i know exactly what you mean.
  3. bxsci(macuser)

    Block All P2P!

    and that isnt even IPv6
  4. bxsci(macuser)

    Block All P2P!

    i love how people conveniently forget that it was hackers and piraters that got the internet going, if it wasnt for guys at universities sharing some games, we would never be where we are today.
  5. you can have conjoined control over the desktop using iChat
  6. bxsci(macuser)

    Is Zionism Racism?

    The US could just as easily invade gaza and the west bank and make the PLO stfu and its not quite the "jewish lobby" its that Israel supplies equipment for US troops in the middle east as well as specific supplies all over the world.
  7. bxsci(macuser)

    Is Zionism Racism?

    Yah ok, the west is secular, right.... out of all the countries in Europe there are only 7 that do not have a state religion. and Zionism goes way way back, but what does that have to do with this argument. I could say that the other area considered to be the new Israel was Argentina, but that wouldnt have much effect of anything. The only reason the brits (or rather the English in this case) allowed the Jews in in the first place, under cromwell, was because the Dutch let the jews in and they were doing amazing economy wise. So of course they didnt want the jews now that the industrial revolution was long underway. However what i do admire the Brits for is that they did just say "Get the {censored} out" as so many had before, rather they actually gave the jews land to live, granted it was the {censored}tyist land in the empire but none the less land.
  8. bxsci(macuser)

    Is Zionism Racism?

    a) The land was British property and they had every right to give it away, the fact that they split it was completely fair. b ) the Palestinians have the right to be angry that they were moved, the fact that they (speaking in terms of the PLO here) want any non-arab organization removed from the middle east is wrong. c) Israel is a JEWISH state, it is meant to be a haven to Jews everywhere. The only "special" right Jews have over anyone else in Israel is that any Jew anywhere has the right to become a citizen of Israel and move there immediately (this right also extends to the spouses, children, children's spouses, grand-children, and grand-childrens spouses of jews) - The only thing withheld from Israeli-Arabs is being drafted into the military at 18.
  9. bxsci(macuser)

    Is Zionism Racism?

    well... it was revoked. But i hate the UN anyway.
  10. bxsci(macuser)

    Learn the truth about 9/11!

    Which technically (though i know this is going to turn into a argument) zionism is only the idea of creating a jewish state, not necessarily where israel is located today. This land was given to the Jews by the UK, which it was completely their right to do as the British ruled over the Mandate of Palestine. After the state of Israel was established in 1948 it was not recognized by Arab neighbors and it was attacked by people from its sister state, Palestine, as well as from outside forces (i find it kind of weird that countries could declare war on israel while not recognizing it as a nation....). As a nation it is and was the Israeli right to defend itself. And though i do not agree with all the decisions made (taking over the west bank and gaza created more problems then it solved), that is not zionism, that is militarism, which a nation like israel (small and prone to be attacked needs)
  11. bxsci(macuser)

    Learn the truth about 9/11!

    wow bofors you dont even realize it SA22C isnt racist against jews, hes making fun of you for being racist against jews. he assumed you held this position because you blamed the attacks on the Mossad. I however can tell that you are simply anti-zionist, you hate most of my people not all of my people.
  12. bxsci(macuser)

    Apple Engineers

    obviously apple needs to do this in the tech industry, make something that microsoft will steal (aka anything apple makes) and throw it back at them... the only question is how...
  13. bxsci(macuser)

    Learn the truth about 9/11!

    An architect will try to make the building as stable as possible, however, architects realize that there are some points where a building will collapse and they cannot stop it. To prepare for situations like these, architects of skyscrapers design their buildings so that when they collapse they collapse straight down as to avoid destroying the surrounding city. For instance, had one of the twin towers toppled over instead of collapsing in on itself it would have destroyed a stretch of land greater than its own hight and width due to shock waves. This is not an ideal situation.
  14. bxsci(macuser)

    Ugliest Products in Tech History

    lolz @ furbie
  15. bxsci(macuser)

    Mac OS X 10.6 Commercial?

    *blinks* if your going to make it stupid - please make it make sense before adding stupid otherwise....