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  1. postaldave

    Laik's Virginizer for Kalyway 10.5.1

    now if only mac.nub will take kaly's great disc and release a bone dry clean copy of leopard without any add on software. i'm still runny mac.nub 10.4 simply because it is SO FAST. all the pimped out releases seem to drag for me.
  2. postaldave

    Kayway users 10.5.1 please beware

    i was wondering when this was going to start happening. iakos has a virus on his site and when i wrote about it on my blog it got DOSed. i still don't know if this or iakos is infected but this stuff is starting to look kinda odd........
  3. postaldave

    iATKOS is released (updated)

    short answer yes. there are several post about this already. long answer, he says he has nothing to do with that and it must be someone elses fault. i don't know for sure but i really don't trust these guys. sounds fishy to me. personally i'm hoping mac.nub will come back and make a leo.
  4. postaldave

    Who is Waiting For UPHUCK iATKOS?

    don't worry. it will be released be the end of THIS WEEK!
  5. postaldave

    iATKOS news...Anyone?

    it will be ready by the end of this week. /sarcasm
  6. postaldave

    Global Warming

    the global warming scam was created when leftist high jacked the enviromental movement. every solution they come up will 1.tax the rich 2.redistribute the wealth to the poor 3.further prop up the elitist(algore and company) result 1.countries like china that is REALLY screwing things up are not touched. 2.leftist big shots get even MORE money 3.poor stay poor it has nothing to do with the environment. right now in congress they are wanting to tax ever major oil company but one. the company is citco(chavaz) why not them? you tell me. not believing in the global warming scam does not make me anti-environment. i love clean air but i will not fall for some communist plot.
  7. postaldave

    getting ready for iATKOS

    and the jokes keep coming.
  8. postaldave

    getting ready for iATKOS

    better buy your stuff fast. they are going to release it this week! /sarcasm
  9. postaldave

    Oink is dead...

    the first step it to join an oink's death recovery group. the few sites that are picking up the slack have been closing their invite system off and on. comes down to waffle or what or stmusic for me nothing will ever come close, oink had all the music and the mac stuff. BTW:demoniod is dead too.
  10. postaldave

    Block All P2P!

    he is also a BIG 9/11 "truther" pimping his dumbass theories just to pump up his left wing nonsense and then sale a movie about it. hollywood/democrats=pure fascism driven by propaganda.
  11. postaldave


    tell the truth, you were drunk when you wrote that? personally i'm waiting till mac.nub puts out a leo. god bless uphuck and his work but i like a cleaner copy to start with.
  12. postaldave

    P5LD2-VM & 10.5 Leopard

    i'm still on 10.4.10 with mac.nub but i have never been able to get sleep to work. when i try to go to sleep it does a hard and fast shut down. what did you do to get sleep to work or did it start working on leo?
  13. postaldave

    Login prompt in Wiki?

    it is not a scam or fishing. you are right, it was just a bad link that led to an admin login.
  14. postaldave

    Leopard Or Tiger OSX

    basically if you have to ask then it is too early to switch to leopard.
  15. china is dead. little devils and non-nationed sailors only for now.