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(Almost) Hidden Secrets of OS X

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A little known QuarkXpress feature: hold command option shift delete with an object selected. An alien wanders on screen, and zaps your item with a raygun, and it disappears in a tacky orange gradient effect. I'm serious. It works in 3.3. I dunno if it's still there, i've defected to InDesign.



Works in 6.0 as well!

My personal favorite as just a nice trick (although I haven't confirmed it in OSX86 yet) is to hold the Command Option and Control keys and hit 8. It will invert the colors on the screen.



Works on osx86 10.4.9 (possibly others I would assume) using the windows "Ctrl", "Windows Key" and "alt" on a windows keyboard anyway... :P





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Annoying Hidden Files


if you have files showing on the desktop like .ds_store you hide them like this:


Open TERMINAL and type:


defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles FALSE

killall Finder



if you want to see them again change FALSE with TRUE

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