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  1. This is happening on my friend's computer. I'm using iATKOS. The Darwin bootloader menu shows up, and whatever option I type, it shows the Darwin 'loading' messages, but then, the computer just restarts. What ever arguments I use in the Darwin prompt, -v, cpus=1 etc., the same thing happens. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks... Specs: Intel Pentium 4(HT) 3.06GHz 512MB RAM ATI Integrated Graphics
  2. Dictionary?

    Hi everyone. I recently installed iATKOS 10.5.1, and everything's perfect. Well, almost. When i open up the dictionary app, the only 'installed' dictionary is Wikipedia, and the Dictionary widget is missing. The folder /Library/Dictionaries/ is blank. These are 2 things that are very necessary for me. If possible can someone upload and send me all the dictionaries from /Library/Dictionaries and the Dictionary widget? Thanks!
  3. Network Extremely Slow on Leopard

    @kykc - That worked perfectly. Thank you sooo much.
  4. hello. I have linux mint installed on my computer. I made a 30gig FAT32 partition on my primary hard drive with GParted in linux. Then, i booted from the iATKOS DVD. The first problem was, that when i directly booted from it, it would kernel panic at the apple logo screen, but if i type -v, then it would go on right to the installer. So i went with -v, and i reformatted my 30gig FAT32 partition as HFS+, and zeroed out the data on it. Then i ran Darwin_boot, and 'installed?' it on my 30gig partition (without EFI). I then installed Leopard onto that partition with the default package, no extras. It completes, and my computer restarts, but then after pulling out the dvd, it boots right back up into Linux Mint! What can i do? Thank you.
  5. Partitioning the iPod

    I'm planning on buying a 3rd-gen Nano, and I have one question. Obviously, I'll be formatting it in HFS+. I will use it to transfer files from my computer to those of my friends, who all have windows. Is it possible to resize my hfs+ partiton on the ipod, and add maybe a 32MB FAT32 partition at the end on which i'd keep HFSExplorer and Floola? This would ensure i can use my iPod on any computer. What do you think?
  6. anyone know what happen to uphuck.com?

    u can still ask questions on IRC. Uphuck.DVD on irc.atlantis-irc.net
  7. One Question (ipod Touch)

    ok so i bookmark it, open it with an internet connection. next time i'm offline, i open the same bookmark. Will the app load?
  8. One Question (ipod Touch)

    hey i was wondering, to use web app games on the ipod touch, is an internet connnection required? is there some way to download the game/app to the touch itself? Thanks!
  9. ok....1st, grab Acronis Boot CD from here. Boot from it, and open Acronis OS Selector, and OSX86 should show up in that as Unknown Operating System. Double click it, and osX should boot. If u have many entries for unknown operating system, try each one. If it works, i think u can install the OS Selector into MBR so that u can see it every time you boot without the cd in the drive.
  10. can't find mach-kernel

    go to moofspeak.net, logon to #osx86scene and ask for the kernel there.
  11. Help me installing Leopard please.

    if i remember right? that happened with my tiger dvd also. I think its because the disc is formatted in hfs. I installed macdrive and then i could see the entire contents of the cd. Why dont u download the macdrive demo and check?
  12. I think I found a bug

    i think the iCal icon was never supposed to display the current date. It just has a standard date on the icon.
  13. Help me installing Leopard please.

    no idea, but why dont u download BrazilMAC's version and patch it yourself? Tutorial here : http://forum.osx86scene.com/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=2008