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  1. Snow Leopard on Asus P6T?

    NOTE TO ALL: I apologize for my absence but I have been out of the country on official business. Now to a few comments regarding your post. I do agree that people with non P6T type boards are confusing this thread but to state that sections of my guide and updates don't make sense is a little harsh - It got jumbled when I got called to duty - if you see my profile you will see that I server my country - duty called and that takes priority over something I am doing in my free time, at my expense, my bandwidth for the files and my willingness to share information. This was clearly not intended for noobs (the new guide/files will be for most people and be nearly noob proof - lol) and I tried to accommodate everyone which is always an issue. Now that I am back, after I spend some time with my family, pay some bills and other things that I am a month + behind on, I will post a guide that is a culmination of many months of work - If it is not clear enough, with all due respect, find another. Please don't take the above to be rude as this is not the intention; it is just a fact. By the way - the links are back up - I changed servers in a rush before I left and forgot to add permissions for the sl directory. Oops Respectfully, Ryan
  2. No problem my friend... Public Notice - Guys and gals - I am so sorry this is taking so long - My ISP's have made some serious DNS errors preventing me from posting the new guide and files. It is killing me. With every DSN change it can take up to 48 hours and so far every thing has taken the full monty! I will post everything as soon as my domains are back up. Regards, Ryan
  3. I did not intend to place blame - you may not have seen the warnings and updated before I posted - I was really talking to a lot of other people to stress the fact waiting is the best choice at this moment. I am working on the server and am close to being able to post Sorry if you took my reply as a direct hit but that is not what I meant my friend - I am here for everyone Regards, Ryan
  4. Look - All I am waiting on is my DNS to propagate so I can provide the proper files and very latest magic stick that fixes ALL of the old and new issues (especially for ATI users). In the meantime, download Kext Helper b7 app and drag the AppleHDA and HDAEnabler from the magic stick's /EFI/Extra/10.6/Extensions folder to the B7 app's kext window, enter your password and press "Easy Install", repair permissions, reboot then your sound will work... Currently, the sound patch will NOT load form a magic stick, EFI hijack or extra folder with the current files so this is the fix (for the moment) Like I said - AVOID INSTALLING 10.6.2 as it will break some systems - details later - you need updated files and those of you using SleepEnabler due to using EVOEnabler to have working sleep need to update it (available from netkas) - the current version will break your install!!! If you all can hold out just a bit longer I will post everything my friends. Just a few more hours and I will be able to post files and instructions for everyone Every time I have to answer a PM or post from someone not following instructions like please wait on 10.6.2, it hurts everyone else because I have to stop what I am doing and answer questions that will be available to EVERYONE shortly. I am not trying to be rude but I posted here 3 times to wait on 10.6.2 and there is a reason for that. Anyway, follow the above and you will be good to go Respectfully, Ryan
  5. http://netkas.org/?p=315 Install it however you are loading your kexts - You can pull the drive and put it in another mac or use my magic stick method (look up my posts) Regards
  6. @Archer, Can you email me a DMG copy of your magic stick and all bios settings. Ill PM you my email address. Ryan
  7. Boot 0 error means that your magic stick is not the first and only boot device (or you messed up the stick) - easy fix - go to the boot section and under drive order make your Magic Stick first and under boot order make your magic stick the ONLY boot device. Regards, Ryan
  8. 11-9-09 UPDATE Guys and gals - the guide links will be down agin as the new one is being posted - The move to the new server has taken more time than expected. I am sorry for my disappearance from the topic but I have been very busy with my work and now the 10.6.2 update. I had the new magic stick ready to post but 10.6.2 threw a "wrench" in to the mix - I have it fixed now! It took many hours. I also have the processor being properly recognized - 10.6.2 will NOT work unless this is done (mine shows as a Xeon as it should for a Mac Pro clone - this is not a cosmetic change but an actual patch. Please stay tuned and be patient as I have put a ton of work into downloading ATI roms, building strings for many cards and getting the machine perfect. I WOULD NOT UPDATE TO 10.6.2 UNTIL I REPOST THE GUIDE AND FILES - IT MAY BREAK YOUR MACHINE WITHOUT THE PROCESSOR ID PATCH!!! You are lucky - The 10.6.2 batched my i7 975 Extreme until I fixed the magic stick!!! I spent hours rebuilding the perfect Magic Stick for ALL possible configurations. To everyone else, I recommend holding out until I release the final - I am at the mercy of my ISP at the moment but as soon as the DNS propagates I can post all the files. Regards, Ryan
  9. Guys and gals - the guide links will be down today as the new one is being posted - we are also moving our servers so there will be a downtime of today only. I am sorry for my brief disappearance from the topic but I have been very busy with my work. I am free to post the new guide, files and other related items today.
  10. I have been working extensively today with SLI and made some major progress. I am finishing up the readme files and the SEVERAL com.apple.Boot.plist files - post shortly - I will be pulling the guide down shortly. GENERAL NOTICE - Anyone that is new and has quoted me and happened to include my guide in their quote, I ask that you please remove the quote as to not cause confusion. Regards, Ryan
  11. Rule of thumb - if its not broken, don't fix it. I will add that there are a few new features such as GFX detection and a few smbios keys but if your smbios.plist is correct and reflects your CPU and QPI (AKA bus speed) then no - none that is obvious. But to be honest, all you have to do is replace the boot file on the root of your MagicStick so if you want to, go ahead. As soon as I get a solution for people without a mac to restore the MagicStick to a flash drive I will post everything and with more thorough instructions Regards, Ryan
  12. Thats one of the methods I am testing but with a bit of a twist - more on this shortly. I also have an idea I am toying with in creating a CD like DiskWarrior does except it will include scripts to restore the magic stick and CD image - just a thought - it may work well since it will offer the user the ability to edit files while booted on it. Like I said - I am just toying with the concept. I figured "why not" since I have dedicated so much time to this anyway Regards, Ryan
  13. Thanks - I wish I could but there are some issues - 1. Boot 132 is so far not proving to be a reliable method due to the ABSOLUTE need for the proper DSDT.aml on the boards which is not always loaded with a CD boot 132 (this is a commonly known issue) - I am not saying that a "virgin install" is not possible; quite contrary since that is what the guide illustrates. I do it all the time; its just that doing it via my magic stick is so far the only 100% reliable method - problem is that it takes another mac to build/restore the files. I am looking for a fix but so far nothing is rock solid - I am currently going back and forth with windows and testing a method of restoring the magic stick from within windows and cloning the mac install CD from within windows. This is a far better idea since I now have the MagicStick to where you do not need step 10 or 11 from the guide. 2. ATI cards with the new PC EFI are a better method - I am having to build a complete subset of various MagStick files to try to accommodate ATI users. 3. Every time I change my method for those without access to a Mac it delays me posting the new guide. If the windows restore method works, I can and will post today - otherwise, I will rework the guide, post the ATI and Nvidia packs and instruct those without a Mac to either hold off until I build a rock solid boot 132, install 10.5.x to restore the files, borrow a friends Mac or search the web in hope of an alternate method. I have tried custom Boot 132 CD's, pre-packed and script based builds with shaky results at best between different machines (and forget it if you have an LG Blu Ray R/RW). Regards, Ryan
  14. Thank you - I caught that which is why there is yet another delay with my final version :angry2: I have been up since 3 am trying to run through everything and insure it is all thorough, easy to follow and compatible with several configurations. Thanks again, Ryan
  15. Guys and gals - PCEFI 10.4.1 with CPU Detect was released on the 13th and I have just received a modified copy that is a needed and a welcome update - I am busting my hump to quickly update all the files and guide - This is an important update and we owe a great debt of gratitude to Netkas for this much needed update. I WILL be posting shortly but I have to mod a few files. Sorry but this needed update did put me behind yet again. Without doubt - unless I die (lets hop not - or at least I hope not) there will be NEW posts and modified guide today!!! Regards, Ryan