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  1. this is the only copy i have but if you want i could make one
  2. yeah they had them for regular OSX and almost every Linux out there so i decided we need one for OSX86
  3. got bored in photoshop the other day and made this it isnt perfect (i made it out of boredom) but i have this on my Hackbook.
  4. (Almost) Hidden Secrets of OS X

    http://alum.hampshire.edu/~bjk02/presButan/index.htm lets you use enter/return to open files in Finder and delete/backspace to delete files in finder
  5. Photoshop CS3 on 10.4.4

    I have done the steps described here (changing application.sif to application.cool) in fireworks and photoshop CS3 but when i start the program i just get this help please?
  6. compaq presario M2108US

    YEAHHHHH WOOO HOOO! apparently i installed it wrong, i set it to use the SSE2 patch only and it works now! great site, too bad the forums arent too hugely helpful...
  7. compaq presario M2108US

    alright so on the OSX86 wiki it said that 10.4.6 works perfectly on a presario m2000 notebook. I got the installer to boot and installed (much farther than i got with 10.5.2) but it will not boot i selected the partition but when it boots it shows it loading everything, then just goes to a blank screen for about 20 seconds and reboots any help at all? Celeron M 1.5ghz, 768MB ram