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  1. Just to let you know that this worked perfectly on my Gigabyte GA P55-UD3P v1 w/ Core i5-750.
  2. OS X 10.7 is Lion

    Apple is starting to dumb down their flagship OS. With this, the option on switching back to another OS, a much more capable (commercial or free) is becoming much more feasible. Now, if HP would make WebOS a reality for the desktop then my OS money will be theirs.
  3. ATI HD 5770

    I don't think it would take Apple that long to release the drivers. Once the new MacPro ships, the driver will most likely be out to the public already by then. I currently have GTX260 but is now contemplating on upgrading to HD5750 or to HD5770.
  4. Cannot connect to the internet!

    If what you had bought is a rev 2.0 or higher of the mobo, then it could be using the Atheros AR8131 NIC which is still unsupported on SL. Previous mobo version are using Realtek NIC so no problem on those.
  5. G4 Quicksilver Core2Quad PowerHack

    Nice mod sk1nhd33t. Was also planning to do a similar mod but with the blue and white G3 case, too bad the TPC seller won't let me have it for some reason. Oh well. BTW, I'm TPC loco ;-)
  6. No more Nvidia in Mac

    If this is true, then I welcome the change and with this Apple may release drivers for AMD/ATi IGP lines which will be an advantage to those Hacks built around AMD/ATi mobo with IGPs.
  7. IMO, this is no different on info you would find on blogs or other info site in the net. I'd be careful though on giving out links if I were the author or editor of that paper.
  8. VoodooPower 1.2.3

    KP'ed on my Pentium M Laptop. I'll try posting a pic later. Pic attached.
  9. QE/CI Lost on 10.5.5 upgrade, gma 950

    You need to have the old OpenGL.framework files, if you have 10.5 - 10.5.2 installers, extract those files using Pacifist and drop them to /System/Library/Frameworks folder.
  10. How do i open exe files

    ... yes, but still you won't be able to run the EXE file unless you'd have Windows installed on VMWare Fusion. So there you go.
  11. SpeedStep GUI

    I kinda have the same problem but instead of clock slowing down, I have mine advancing even up to an hour in difference. Also animation will become quite fast, I mean all animations like when minimizing a window and GIFs, etc.
  12. [How To] GMA900 with QE and CI support on Leopard.

    Finally got the QE/CI working again on 10.5.5. As what Mysticus have suspected, it requires the old OpenGL.Framework files. I downloaded Leo Graphics Update and extracted the OpenGL.Framework folder using Pacifist. I then re-applied fiddle's kext and this time using the correct kexts (2592), restated and voila! it worked! @Mysticus, you might wanna try what I did and then just omit the updating of OpenGL.Framework files from your 10.5.5 patches for GMA900/950 users.
  13. [How To] GMA900 with QE and CI support on Leopard.

    Just updated to 10.5.5 (with Mysticus method), however the update killed my previously working QE/CI using Andy's kexts -- I didn't select any drivers during the update as far as I remember since I thought that my display is already working fine. When I restarted after the 10.5.5 update, I got garbled up display. I then booted into safe mode and applied fibble's patch, selecting kext for 2792 since selecting otherwise would still give me garbled display. BTW, this is on my Dell D410 laptop (GMA900, device ID 0x2592). More details on my sig. In addition, I've tried all of the GMA and AppleIntelIntegratedFrameBuffer kexts and even came up with a combination of different versions, so far only fibble's patch (2792) can give me proper display with the exception of QE and CI though. @Riws, would you be able to PM me a link on your Hex modded kext. I'll give it a try from my end. Thanks. Nevermind, got it working already thanks anyway.
  14. Spore and Hackintosh

    :-) I tried googling and found one solution that somehow fixed it. The solution was to trash cide_noui file from the Contents > MacOS folder. Note: 'somehow' means that the game still occasionally crash but definitely not during start up.
  15. Spore and Hackintosh

    @stellarola ... how were you able to get it working? Thanks!