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mkv to m4v/mp4

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I have a bunch of mkv files inside them are x264 encoded vids, the audio is usually aac and sometimes ac3. I want to transcode this files into m4v or mp4 to make it natively play on aTV. So far I've manage to demux the mkv using mkvextract, but I haven't been able to find a muxer for m4v/mp4 under OS X.


If anyone can help me I'll greatly appreciate it.

I did a lot of searching and tried a couple of apps that failed to do the job. ffmpegX was fast and did the job. You'd be done by now if you'd used it ;-) "The thing is" There doen't seem to be an app for the Mac which does what you want it to. There is one that is suppose to but crashed on my machine and I tossed it . No longer remember it's name. Best of luck.

I will try, what settings would you use for aTV.


720p video in h.264 & 480p in h.264 as well.


I've tried ripping dvds with Mediafork and if I use 3000kbps average jerk in some scenes. What would you recommend?

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Using Quicktime Pro 7, you can actually passthrough the video/audio tracks into a new .mp4 very quickly.


- You need Perian and Quicktime Pro 7 installed

- Open your MKV file and let Quicktime process it (the bar under the video needs to fill)

- Under the properties make sure any other tracks such as subtitles are disabled

- Export -> MP4 -> Options

- Select MP4 (not ISMA)

- Select passthrough for video, and for audio if possible (if not, re-encode to AAC @ 140Kbps)


No quality loss (as it's a remux) and it's very fast.

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I'm curious about the audio side of things.


I'm just looking for an efficient app that can take the DTS-HD or Dolby TrueHD track from an MKV and convert it into a Dolby Digital AC3 file. I've had mixed results with something like Moyea MKV Converter, as it seems to shuffle around the surround channel assignment (center channel goes on the left channel for example).


Going forward, I now know to make sure to grab a Dolby Digital track that often accompanies the TrueHD track (not all movies), but no form of DTS will play on the ATV.


The plan is to just mux it into my Handbrake encode with Subler.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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I have found mkvtools awesome for this... for a 720p mkv that has 5.1 ac3 audio, it can quickly remux it into an m4v, passing thru both the H264 vid and the ac3 audio, (and optionally adding an additional 2 channel AAC audio track for viewing on iphone/ipad). Would definitely recommend..

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