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  1. mkv to m4v/mp4

    Using Quicktime Pro 7, you can actually passthrough the video/audio tracks into a new .mp4 very quickly. - You need Perian and Quicktime Pro 7 installed - Open your MKV file and let Quicktime process it (the bar under the video needs to fill) - Under the properties make sure any other tracks such as subtitles are disabled - Export -> MP4 -> Options - Select MP4 (not ISMA) - Select passthrough for video, and for audio if possible (if not, re-encode to AAC @ 140Kbps) No quality loss (as it's a remux) and it's very fast.
  2. Happy Birthday To....Mac OS X!

    I first used a Mac at .. system 6? But OSX 10.1 was the first in this current "series" to be installed. OSX ftw!
  3. What is Apple's deal?

    Hardware is where Apple makes it's money - how can you pirate a 20" Cinema Display?
  4. CrossOver 6.2

    People have reported it does, but I think it has to run in a windowed mode (wine desktop in a window).
  5. 10.5.1 is out, finally.

    Just installed via software update on a 20" iMac Intel Core Duo (Early 2006 Model). Works like a charm. Going to see if the Spaces bug is fixed however, as it's not listed on the changelog, and it's a pretty serious bug. Edit: Spaces bug doesn't happen at first tries. Will have to test over time I guess.
  6. MS Office 2008 Beta available...

    Closest I got was this file, there are a few keys regarding dates but they're encrypted: ~/Library/Preferences/com.microsoft.office.plist
  7. Stacks added to Installer.app

    Well, OSx86... *grins*
  8. How well is Leopard running

    Works sexily here - after I installed Apple's update, that is. iMac Intel Core Duo 20" (Early '06) Running @ 2GHz with 2GB of memory.
  9. To be honest, I think Apple could be allowing projects like OSx86 develop, and simply pretend they don't exist. I'd rather see their effort put into giving us a stable, fully-featured OS rather than protection against hackers and whatnot - why should we lose out because of non-Mac owners? The time and money they'd save might also allow them to bring the prices down a little, but I guess that's just unrealistic. Still, they're approaching this the wrong way. Don't block out pirates, welcome them and get them to use Apple's hardware. Anyway, back ontopic, I think that it's alright if you've given some money to Apple, buying some kind of products. In my house, we spend thousands on Apple gear - and we try to buy some software from them, but sometimes it's not possible. If you guys are buying iPods or whatever, and are planning to buy a Mac, then I don't think you should feel any guilt at all downloading OSX - you'll be giving back to the company eventually. However, I oppose people just downloading OSX and not giving anything to Apple, regardless of product. Why? Just counter my points above.
  10. Try this update: http://www.apple.com/downloads/macosx/appl...inupdate10.html It fixed my wireless issues. Hopefully you'll all read this before posting, as it should fix your problems. Good luck!
  11. Apple issues first update to Leopard.

    Grab it from here. I can confirm that this fixed absoloutely everything wrong with my system, including issues with the wireless and not being able to run the installer..? I had to use the installer from the Mac OSX Install Disk, with some hax. But that shouldn't be an issue for you.
  12. Damn, I can't get wireless to work either. Exact same problem. Using a Linksys WAG354G here. I had the network hidden, but I unhid it for testing. Still nothing - worked on Tiger & Windows (?!) flawlessly, aswell as another Macbook on wireless. This is a Leopard issue.
  13. GTA San Andreas on Crossover

    I'm testing on a early '06 iMac 20" - Intel Core Duo. But also, I'm using the build of Crossover for Mac that was given to betatesters (I'm on the team), so it might be different. I'm currently consulting about support with SA-MP & GTA, SA-MP being a multiplayer modification for GTA that rocks.
  14. GTA San Andreas on Crossover

    GTA San Andreas on Crossover Running natively on Mac OSX using Wine -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Alright. Here's a screenshot of the end result: http://crew.sa-mp.nl/tomozj/screens/gtaosxproj/gtawine.png How do you do it? Well, lets start. 1. Getting Crossover First off, you need the Crossover application. This application by Codeweavers takes advantage of Wine, and allows Windows applications to be natively run on Mac OSX, inside 'bottles', like different mini-Windows-installations. You can grab Crossover for Mac from here. There's a free trial available. 2. Creating and setting up your bottle Now that you've installed Crossover, you can go ahead and create your bottle. Go to the Configure menu, and select Manage bottles... From there, you can use the plus symbol to add a new bottle. Call this bottle whatever you like, such as "gaming", and change the type to "winxp", or whatever suits the game you want to play. Give it a few seconds, and then it'll be created. On the right hand side of the window there are a few options, Bottle, Applications, Control Panel and Advanced. Select Control Panel, and open winecfg. Once that is open, you can then go to configuring your "virtual desktop", which will allow games to be played in windowed mode, and allows them to run properly on OSX. Switch to the Graphics tab of the Windows-styled window, and tick the "emulate a virtual desktop". I used the size 1024 x 576 for a widescreen window, but you can select whatever in there. Remember that the lower the resolution, the faster your game usually runs. 3. Installing GTA: San Andreas Now, I installed GTA: San Andreas from BootCamp and then opened it from there, but other Crossover beta testers have reported the installer is working. So, you may pick either. Crossover is pretty supportive when it comes to installing applications, and it should install like it does on Windows. 4. Startup Now that GTA is installed, you can go ahead and play the damn thing. Fire up GTA:SA from the Programs menu in the menubar, or from the exe in the finder wherever you installed it (Crossover keeps its files in ~/Applications/Crossover/, or ~/Library/Application Support/Crossover/). It should then launch in a windowed mode. The first menus should skip pretty quickly. Keep clicking inside the window in order to start it up (I had a problem once where the game wouldn't load, but when I started clicking rapidly one startup it loaded - so it may not be required). 5. Playing You should be playing now. Try not to fiddle around with the video settings too much, as it can mess up the game. Enjoy! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Known Issues: - Strange quick startup logos, but no downsides found so far - Strange 3D polygons onscreen sometimes, unsure what causes them, still looking into a fix. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Comments would be appreciated. Good luck!