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  1. mkv to m4v/mp4

    I'm curious about the audio side of things. I'm just looking for an efficient app that can take the DTS-HD or Dolby TrueHD track from an MKV and convert it into a Dolby Digital AC3 file. I've had mixed results with something like Moyea MKV Converter, as it seems to shuffle around the surround channel assignment (center channel goes on the left channel for example). Going forward, I now know to make sure to grab a Dolby Digital track that often accompanies the TrueHD track (not all movies), but no form of DTS will play on the ATV. The plan is to just mux it into my Handbrake encode with Subler. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hi all, There's a possibility my current video card (an X1900) is on its way out. That being said, I'm starting to look into the possibility of picking up a "PC" graphics card and following the steps (if any) to get it to work in both Windows and OSX. Anybody have any experience with this, or can point me in the right direction ? Are there firmware flashing options out there to enable a PC card in OSX ? I'm assuming most cards will work fine in Windows with proper drivers, no? I have a first generation Mac Pro (2 x dual core 2.66) with the PCI Express slot. Ideally I'd be looking at getting an upgrade to the X1900, so something high(er) end is preferred. Any help would be greatly appreciated, and I apologize in advance if I've missed an obvious post about this in these forums already. Thanks!