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  1. mkv to m4v/mp4

    MKV Tools is much faster than re-encoding
  2. I am also quite curious
  3. Not Working: Flip4Mac Safari plug-ins MediaInfo Mac
  4. DO NOT BUY invisible shield

    Bestskinsever.com is much cheaper and have the same if not better quality than Invisible Shield
  5. For some reason every time I turn on my computer the time is correct, as it should be, but it gradually gets farther from the actual time. It runs slow and usually if I let it stay on overnight it is off by like 10 hours. Having it set to automatically update the time doesn't do anything after when the option is first selected. Any ideas?
  6. Apple TV Problems!

    Problem solved. Using Netgear GA311 NIC card solved the problem apparently the Realtek 8168C Onboard NIC has some issues with Bonjour, but the Realtek 8169S in the Netgear works perfect!
  7. Apple TV Problems!

  8. Apple TV Problems!

  9. Here you go. I was wanting this voice too and I found that I could easily copy it from my other "real" Macs. I'm only gonna keep it up for about a week though. http://thepiratebay.org/tor/4255112
  10. Apple TV Problems!

  11. Apple TV Problems!

    For some reason my other two Mac's on my network can see and stream content to my Apple TV just fine, but for some reason my Hackintosh will not see my Apple TV. I'm wondering if it has anything to do with the Realtek 8168C network card. Any ideas?
  12. Problems with Kalaway 10.5 Install

    Same problem here too!!