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  1. Help hard drive gone south

    I tried the demo version of Data Rescue II, doing a full scan gave me 0 files to recover. I am looking into clean room recovery services, I guess this will be my best option now. Anyone heard of any? Thanks.
  2. Help, I woke up today to find out that my iMac (20-inch Mid 2007) was showing the operating system not found upon starting up. I disassembled and plugged the drive directly to my mini and the drive supposed to be a WD 3200AAJS 320GB is showing up as a "2 TB Media" on disk utility and under Partition Map Scheme: "Unformatted". The noise on the drive is the usual one, not a single click click click like when the drive is gone bad. So I guess this sould be a logical or electronics problem. Any advice? Is there any way to start a recovery process of my own and please let me know if you have sent a drive for recovery and what was the price and experience. Many thanks.
  3. Overclocking AppleTV

    bump! Could anyone point me in the right direction, I am a newcommer to overclocking, I dont know if I should be looking por a piece of software to get this done or any switches in the motherboard. Are there any tutorials on how to overclock in the mac world??
  4. Overclocking AppleTV

    So anyone has a clue of where should I start from?? BTW I can run almost any 10.4.9 intel app on the AppleTV if that helps out on doing things easier.
  5. Overclocking AppleTV

    Everything will be better .... but most importantly support for playing flawlessly 720p and maybe even 1080i/p. Also maybe the ability to play h.264 Main Profile.
  6. Overclocking AppleTV

    I know it sounds crazy but I think many people could make good use if it is possible to overclock this thing. The specs (taken from http://wiki.awkwardtv.org/wiki/Parts): Processor 1.0GHz Intel Pentium M-based "Crofton" CPU, based on SSE2 Dothan model # 7645A966 0159 Cypress CY28445LFXC-5 Clock Generator - for Intel Calistoga chipset (MIA on Cypress site) Northbridge Chipset Intel 945G Southbridge Chipset Intel 82801GUX (ICH7 Family) I/O Controller Hub 7 (ICH7-U) - 'Ultra Mobile' version (GU) with PCI express and (probably) SPI (X undocumented @Intel) Also I read more of the processor: - 2 MB of L2 cache - 350 MHz underclocked system bus So anyone has a clue of where to start trying to overclock this thing??
  7. mkv to m4v/mp4

    I will try, what settings would you use for aTV. for: 720p video in h.264 & 480p in h.264 as well. I've tried ripping dvds with Mediafork and if I use 3000kbps average jerk in some scenes. What would you recommend?
  8. mkv to m4v/mp4

    The thing is I dont want to reencode the video its already h.264 nor the audio which is already AAC. I just want to get the tracks into the container.
  9. mkv to m4v/mp4

    I have a bunch of mkv files inside them are x264 encoded vids, the audio is usually aac and sometimes ac3. I want to transcode this files into m4v or mp4 to make it natively play on aTV. So far I've manage to demux the mkv using mkvextract, but I haven't been able to find a muxer for m4v/mp4 under OS X. If anyone can help me I'll greatly appreciate it.
  10. MKV Files

    + EBML head |+ Doc type: matroska |+ Doc type version: 1 |+ Doc type read version: 1 + Segment, size 8530554354 |+ Seek head (subentries will be skipped) |+ EbmlVoid (size: 4025) |+ Segment information | + Timecode scale: 1000000 | + Muxing application: libebml v0.7.7 + libmatroska v0.8.1 | + Writing application: mkvmerge v2.0.2 ('You're My Flame') built on Feb 21 2007 23:40:55 | + Duration: 7829.856s (02:10:29.856000000) | + Date: Wed Mar 28 09:29:45 2007 UTC | + Segment UID: 0xa8 0x96 0x98 0xba 0x34 0x11 0xc3 0xa2 0x8b 0xba 0xee 0x99 0x56 0xed 0x3f 0xda |+ Segment tracks | + A track | + Track number: 1 | + Track UID: 1 | + Track type: video | + Enabled: 1 | + Default flag: 1 | + Forced flag: 0 | + Lacing flag: 0 | + MinCache: 1 | + Timecode scale: 1.000000 | + Max BlockAddition ID: 0 | + Codec ID: V_MPEG4/ISO/AVC | + Codec decode all: 1 | + CodecPrivate, length 170 | + Default duration: 41.708ms (23.976 fps for a video track) | + Language: eng | + Video track | + Pixel width: 1280 | + Pixel height: 544 | + Interlaced: 0 | + Display width: 40 | + Display height: 17 | + A track | + Track number: 2 | + Track UID: 4077103522 | + Track type: audio | + Enabled: 1 | + Default flag: 1 | + Forced flag: 0 | + Lacing flag: 1 | + MinCache: 0 | + Timecode scale: 1.000000 | + Max BlockAddition ID: 0 | + Codec ID: A_AC3 | + Codec decode all: 1 | + Default duration: 32.000ms (31.250 fps for a video track) | + Language: und | + Audio track | + Sampling frequency: 48000.000000 | + Channels: 6 |+ EbmlVoid (size: 1024) |+ Cluster This one for example encoded with x264 as shown above. Should we expect these x264 mkv encodes to work some time later or is it not possible and maybe I should start looking into converting over to m4v/mp4? And what about the mkv with embedded subtitles? Do you think that sometime we will be able to select subs using the remote? Or maybe a global setting or aTVFILES to auto select english or whatever subs?
  11. MKV Files

    I installed the MKV quicktime component and trying to play h.264 vids and I can confirm that at this point is not working.
  12. You can mount it using the mount_nfs command. I use mkdir /Users/frontrow/Movies/Remote sudo mount_nfs -P /Users/frontrow/Movies/Remote and it works great, however I can't see the folder (I know its mounted just type mount on terminal and you'll see it) and frontrow can see it but I can't see it in finder. This happens to me at my iMac as well, has anyone come up with a way to make it visible??
  13. Inside the 24 inch iMac

    Hi I have an iMac 20" early 2006, the fan inside my iMac is running louder (not faster just louder) so that I can hear it now (a month ago I could barely hear it in the silence), do you know where I can get a replacement fan for it? Also Calson you said that the core 2 duo t7600 was running fine on this iMac? And finaly I think you said in one of your posts that upgrading the proc. will allow me to install a 1gb more of ram for making a total of 3gb, what ram would you recommend?? Do you think its worth upgrading this computer? Thanks a lot, Diego
  14. Inside the 24 inch iMac

    Hey Caslon do the old CoreDuo 20" use SATA 300?