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  1. Rhapsody DR2

    8.2? 8.7? I guess they became 8.5 and 9.0 in the final release… I'd love to try the DPs of os x, but I don't have the hardware to run them anymore…
  2. Rhapsody DR2

    I don't remember what was exactly in that package (I used it years ago and now i'm not really interested in testing it again. The file is stored somewhere on an hd), anyway i remember clearly that i successfully installed it under virtual pc (or was it guest pc?).
  3. [HOW TO] Convert Mac demos to full games

    Cyder is quite a different thing than a native game… …and of course is a recent developmment if we consider the age of this thread.
  4. Rhapsody DR2

    As per recent PM request I'm reupping Rhapsody DR2 for X86. Anyone interested can download it here. I'm not really interested in rhapsody at this time, but this page may be useful to those who are.
  5. [HOW TO] Convert Mac demos to full games

    I tested it with 2004 a long time ago, 2003 has a very similar architecture.
  6. multiXFinder

    multiXFinder has been updated to version 0.4, wich is compatible with Snow Leopard. As usual, this new version is available via the builtin software update system or from the project page on my website. New in this version: -multiXFinder is Snow Leopard ready, mostly 64 bit compatible; -lots of code changes, modernizations and refinements; -fixed a small bug in Spotlight detection on Leopard; -updated MenuCracker to version 2.0b1.
  7. multiXFinder

    Updated to version 0.3.3. New in this version: -Minor fixes; -removed some old code; -removed shadows; -partial interface redesign; -full Italian localization; -full French localization by Yann Ricquebourg; -partial localizations for Japanese, German and Duch; -updated icons and images. As usual, you can update from the updater or the project page.
  8. multiXFinder

    Version 0.3.2 is out wit a new feature: now you can view your hidden processes holding Control and Shift while clicking on the menu.
  9. multiXFinder

    I've just released version 0.3.1. New in this version: -Added "Resume All" menu item -removed some debug code from the menu; -now the authorization window is automatically brought to front and correctly assigned to System Preferences; -optimized a bit the preference pane. Available, as usual, via the integrated updater or from the project page.
  10. multiXFinder

    multiXFinder 0.3.0 is now available via "check for updates" or from the project page. With this release application-based rules works on intel mac too.
  11. multiXFinder

    version 0.2.2: I rewrote the Stop/Resume Application Advanced Features to make them fast and more reliable. Please see this note if you're going to use these features. Awailable, as usual, using the updater or from the project page.
  12. multiXFinder

    Bugfix update: version 0.2.1. -Removed several glitches related to the spotlight activation/deactivation; -small inteface changes; -small updater improvements; -now the installer automatically turns on the "Enable access for assistive devices" option, needed for "Full Screen" and "Resize Window" to work properly.
  13. multiXFinder

    version 0.2.0: -Added some shortcuts (click the menu, then do the keystroke); -moved "Full Screen" and "Resize Window" to a new "Advanced" part of the menu. Advanced it's on optionally or by control-clicking or option-clicking the menu; -added Stop and Resume advanced menu items: they will sigstop and sigcont the front application; -added a "Reload Menus" advanced menu item (Got bored of giving "killall SystemUIServer" from the Terminal...); -added optional shortcuts for the first nine applications of the menu; -more straight forward "Special Features" tab, now known as "Rules"; -full interface refit to make it more consistent; -now the apps are always sorted by name; -now the Dock is automatically hidden when the "Full Screen" menu item is selected (if the general rule "Dock Hiding" is on "Show Dock" it also comes back automatically when you switch app); -now when an app refuses to resize it's front window to full screen a normal resize event is sent. This works only with apps that explicitly refuses to do so, some apps (eg: Firefox) simply ignores it; -now the "Full Screen" menu item works on Tiger too; -tracked down a fixed a bug introduced in version 0.1.1 that caused the "Do not list in application menu" feature to not work. It still will not work on Leopard, tough, since it uses deprecated calls that needs to be rewritten; -tuned, formalized, expanded and documented Public framework (Interested devs: see Public.documentation, in the sources, for full documentation); -rewritten some code that will be deprecated when we will port it to 64 bit; -code cleaning; -removed the separator (never worked well) and the controller (used in multiXFinder only to turn Separator on); -now the updater is automatically brought to front when launched and reloads the Preferences Pane at the end of the update if needed.
  14. multiXFinder

    New version: 0.1.2 This is the fastest way to update: but if you really prefer the dmg you can reach it from the project page… 0.1.2 changelog: -Added "Full Screen"/"Resize Window" menu item! -the optional MXFUpdateChecker login item now works on Tiger too; -now on Leopard when the spotlight menu is disabled the other menus are immediately moved accordingly; -multiXFinder will no longer loads two Spotlight menus, as it could happen on Leopard in some situations; -preliminary (32 bit only) Snow Leopard support; -removed useless "Hide All" menu item; -added Italian localization to the menu; -added some tooltips; -fixed a bug that caused the MXFUpdateChecker to display the "Updates available" window if the server was unreachable; -introducing the multiXFinder Public Framework (documentation and formalization will follow); -the menu is now automatically reloaded after a multiXFinder update; -improved build and buildrelease procedures; -the menu is now automatically reloaded rather than disabled after an update done with the installer of after an upgrade from ASM 2.0.2 (and some old commercial versions); -esthetic improvements for MXFUpdateChecker (the optional "check for updates" login item). -faster installation procedure.
  15. multiXFinder

    I'm happy to see that you like it. Mmmh, that is an interesting idea…I'll look if I can do something in that area… Nothing like that planned for the moment, anyway… Well, i will never charge for multiXFinder. I'm developing it mainly because I'm relying on it myself heavily and I like to give back something to the OS X and OSS community. Anyway, if you really want to donate something I have a paypal account. A couple of nice screenshots. And one of the thing that I did today… I should also warn everyone running Tiger that the "check for updates at login" option just introduced will not work from them in version 0.1.1… I forgot to change the target OS in xcode… :censored2: In the next version it will work as planned, the "Check for updates" button of the preferences pane already work for everyone in 0.1.1. Sorry for the inconvenience.