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Catalina on Dell Latitude E6410 (Nvidia Graphics) With Working Sleep


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Has anyone been able to apply incremental security updates to our hacks?


Catalina Security updates will be available as incremental updates with no option for full installers.  In order to stay current with these security updates, we'll need a way to apply the incremental updates.  jackluke's catalinaswufix appears to be the best way to do this, but I have not been successful when using catalinaswufix on our hacks.  Has anyone been able to apply incremental updates to our hacks?


My experience with catalinaswufix has been as follows

  • I cleared /Library/Updates as suggested here
  • I successfully enabled the incremental updates so that they are available through standard Software Update mechanism
  • After I started the incremental update, I clicked "OTA Update Fix" at about 200K into the download as suggested here and allowed the download to complete 
  • The update appeared to install without issues
  • I booted from the Catalina Installer USB and attempted to apply the Post-Install patches; however, when the patches were applied, there is no option to Force Cache Rebuild (this is normally available) as suggested here
  • Attempts to boot the updated/patched Catalina result in white screen
  • Booting into single-user mode and rebuilding cache does not fix the problem
  • The only way I have found to recover is to reinstall Catalina from a patched full installer (the install retains all programs and data, so nothing is lost and the system is fully recovered, but not updated)
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49 minutes ago, 1337ftw said:

Quick update: My Big Sur attempt a couple of months ago failed and my E6510 died today :/


RIP, my friend.

Can you report why your 6510 died?

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