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  1. Someone here have an Optiplex 780 MT and native Audio working within Catalina? I have 2 partitions (one with Mojave and another with Catalina). Oddly, my setup with AppleALC and LayoutID 13 or 11 + Lilu works with Mojave flawlessly but dont with Catalina 10.15.3. Any ideas?
  2. vbmota

    Mojave on Dell Latitude E6410 With Working Sleep

    I mistakenly post here. Sorry. As I generate my black.dragon74, will post for you. Thanks. Yep, Geekbench4.
  3. If you install all based on this guide will probably work every part of your hardware, and you will probably use layout 15 to your AppleALC patch. So, if you want to use internal speaker you will need to inject layout 13. Theres no way to use they both without DSDT editing (if I am not wrong). Move to Catalina, theres no great differences but mandatory APFS format. If you are trying to use Core2Quad you will need to delete the file (or replace by the attached bellow): System/Library/UserEventPlugins/com.apple.telemetry.plugin With this file, you will got a KP. You probably will have to research some terminal command to do this in the terminal in the recovery boot or have to attach your drive to another Mac machine working with APFS R/W support. Good hack. com.apple.telemetry.plugin.zip
  4. vbmota

    Mojave on Dell Latitude E6410 With Working Sleep

    @tonyx86 I was wondering why my Geekbench CPU test is so bellow yours. Its like 700 for one core and 1500 for multi. Do you imagine something?
  5. Look for a GT 710 with 1GB GDDR5 memory. If you research some compatible AMD models for hackintosh, look at benchmarks before you buy.
  6. Yes, use the "Other" kexts only... theres no reason to use more kexts (only if you have some new hardware). Laptops are more complex to properly setup.
  7. I have one BRM9460CS2 board and can confirm that it works nicely with a properly adaptation with a original MacBook antenna plug. The antennas plugs are different to connect to Dell Latitude. Apple use a "mini" connector that wont fits on the E6XXX series and another laptops (case that I believe is the same used in the BRM94360HMB board ordered by @unilock, unfortunatley). Besides, this model of card, from the images I researched, has 3 connectors for the antennas and the laptop has only two. I don't know how much work it will take to figure out how to make it work fully. Good luck.
  8. Audio works normally, internal speaker not.
  9. I recently change my 9 cell battery after using it for almost 10 years on my Latitude (1920x1080p display) so I ask you how much time do you have this machine?
  10. @tonyx86 I saw that you also changed your wifi card for one made for mac, correct? how did you turn on the antennas? My Broadcom is inherited from a Macbook Air and has very small connectors and in fact left it badly adapted. Oh, I'm happy to say that I bought a battery for this notebook to live even longer. Cheers
  11. I suggest you to use a Virtual Machine with OSX installed and proceed dosdude1 Patching dmg file. It will only run in a macOS system. Search for vmware or virtualbox OSX images, download, run and good luck.
  12. Great. Did you test to boot with vga monitor connected or it was connected after boot? In my Sierra E6410 I got KP with it and only can use VGA after login process stops. Only to check, I am installing Catalina within these days and though about plug a second monitor with VGA. Thanks.
  13. I can confirm, that is a nice rig. I was using it for years since Montain Lion. Great expansibility and compatibility with GT 710.
  14. I agree. My attempts to install Catalina on Dell devices were all less painful and faster than with the Mojave version. My only concern was that minor updates and bug fixes would come out. Also, I would prefer to continue using HFS +, but I have rethought and accepted the challenge of finally using APFS Containers.