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  1. But I literally copied the config and kexts in the download.
  2. Followed that guide, installed all kexts and copied that config but it still only gets to +++++++ and restarts. What could be the issue?
  3. UPDATE: The installer works fine on my main PC so I do have access to a mac now if that helps
  4. Yesterday I came to the brilliant conclusion that I wanted macOS on my Dell Latitude E6510. After looking on the internet a bit, I just tried the following: 1. Download macOS 10.13 on my Windows PC (Have no Mac :( ) using gibMacOS (a random utility that download macOS straight from apple and creates a Clover usb) 2. Make a usb flash drive with Clover using the same utility 3. Add FakeSMC 4. Set BIOS to AHCI and UEFI 5. Load it! <---- This is where things got rough First I got a prohibited sign, looking at the config file this was because the SMBIOS settings were set to emulate a iMac G5 bios. After editing that, the installer continued loading until the +++++++ and then it just restarted without error. Anybody got an idea why it might restart? System Specs: Intel Core i7 M640 @ 2.80Ghz 120GB Kingston SSD NVIDIA NVS 3100M 1600x900 Display 8GB of RAM