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Upgrading my Macbook pro 13 2015 SSD storage options

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Hi guys,


I bought a used Mac 2015 pro with a basic 120 GB SSD.


I'm considering upgrade options for it and want to have a 500 or 1TB option for it.


Basically apple has put a excruciating price tag for upgrades so I am considering sintech adapters and a standard NVME M2 SSD installation.


My question is, aside from Samsung 970 EVO, will other options such as WD Black NVME or SanDisk SSD work?


I'm not after huge write speeds, just after storage and decent performance.

Samsung is a little bit expensive.



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I second Allan.


See my Signature.  Both my Systems ONLY have Samsung SSDs.  The Mac Pro 5,1 uses the 860 EVO vNAND 1TB SSDs, (x3), and the Hackintosh uses the 860 Pro vNAND, (x2), and YES Samsung IS more expensive.  However; they are rated top of the line or close to top of the line on both models.  For the m.2 variety, the 970 you are looking at is also top notch.  The vNAND SATA III drives should NOT need adapters for your 2015 - and I'm assuming you mean that it is a MacBook Pro - Laptop.




(Just re-read the Title of the Thread...)


The 860 EVO vNAND SATA 1TB SSD is going for $149 USD at my Local Computer Parts Source.  I think that this is actually pretty reasonable.  The Pro line is almost twice that price.


Central Computers, Newark, CA - Samsung vNAND SATA III 1TB 860 EVO - $149.95 Plus Tax, Plus Shipping.


(I hope it's OK to Post this Link...  IF NOT, Allan or another Mod can remove it.)

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Providing more information.

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Hi Guys,


It's a 13 inch 2015 MacBook pro so a laptop. So as far as I know it needs adapters for the pins to work properly. I cannot fit a 2.5 inch SSD into a M2 slot :-) 


So I'm more geared towards hearing from people with laptops who have dealt with this issue before.


The current SSD is SLOW. Standard M2 BS SSD from Apple. It's not using NVME potential etc. 

I don't mind it all that much but would appreciate an upgrade. 

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50 minutes ago, Marko1401- said:

Hi Guys,


It's a 13 inch 2015 MacBook pro so a laptop. So as far as I know it needs adapters for the pins to work properly. I cannot fit a 2.5 inch SSD into a M2 slot :-) 


So I'm more geared towards hearing from people with laptops who have dealt with this issue before.


The current SSD is SLOW. Standard M2 BS SSD from Apple. It's not using NVME potential etc. 

I don't mind it all that much but would appreciate an upgrade. 

It seems that my source, (Central Computers), is out of stock on the 970 EVO m.2 NVME.  HOWEVER; they do have the 970 Pro m.2 NVME 512GB SSD for $169.


Samsung 970 Pro m.2 NVME 512GB SSD - $169.95 Plus Tax, Plus Shipping.


Again, as Allan and I have stated, Samsung is pretty much Top of the Line for ANY model SSD.


I hope this information helps.

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First of all to upgrade from original Apple NVMe SSD to M.2 NVMe SSD like Samsung 970 You will need to buy an adapter like this:



You can use any M.2 NVMe SSD drive, but I would not offer you to choose any of them except Intel 760p 256GB/512GB/1TB. The reason is simple - everybody who faced with such upgrades know that after installing Samsung SSD, WD SSD or others you wil have problems with waking your Mac from sleep(it will reboot each time, or you will have to switch "deep sleep" off) and also you will have problems with reboot(on reboot it will show you folder with a question mark, so you will have to shut Mac down and switch it on again). With Intel 760p SSD's you won't have such problems.

It is very easy to explain why - original Apple SSD takes 2.3A of current at peak load. At the same time Samsung SSD's and others take over 2.5A of current on peak load, but Macs logic board was developed to let this part consume 2.3A of current. This means that your Mac won't be able to feed these SSD's at peak loads. At the same time Intel 760p SSD takes only 1.3-1.4A of current at peak load. With it all Macs functions will work perfectly, won't give extra heat(as Samsung or others) and even save a little bit of energy when working on battery. Yes, Intel is a little bit slower than Samsung, but simple user won't be able to notice the difference in working speed.


So my advice to all who upgrades from OEM SSD is to switch to Intel 760p.



Update: This info is only for 2015 year. 2013-2014 probably will will have all mentioned problems even with Intel 760p because they had problems even on OEM SSD drives. From my upgrade practice only 1 of 3 Macs worked without problems. Can't tell why.

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