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  1. You're welcome... Just wished I had better news for the Turing cards. We can still hope...
  2. ONLY Maxwell and Pascal Cards "require" NVIDIA Web Drivers... That said; as recently revealed, ALSO - IF you plan to run CUDA, EVEN IF your Card is "Native" to MacOS, you WILL NEED to install the NVIDIA Web Driver. Turing, (the 20x0 Cards), DO NOT yet work in ANY MacOS. The NVIDIA Drivers for Sierra and High Sierra DO NOT support them. Mojave, has NO Web Drivers, and until NVIDIA and Apple "play nice" together, NO Web Drivers will exist for Mojave. [EDIT:] So, the Highest Card available that is Supported by NVIDIA Web Driver is the GTX-1080Ti.
  3. Just Updated the Mac Pro to 387. All is well, just like on the Hackintosh. The Mac GTX-970 4GB GDDR5 VRAM Card on the Mac Pro has OpenCL and OpenGL. The Secondary EVGA GTX-1050 2GB GDDR5 VRAM Card is still STRIPPED of OpenCL and OpenGL. (Just like the Hackintosh.) Battle.net App and StarCraft:Remastered run fine on both machines.
  4. New NVIDIA Driver 387. released in the past hour and a half. (Now 7:43 PM - Pacific.) I didn't have to do anything special, just came back from dinner to check on the Hackintosh, and found the NVIDIA Updater Popup stating the new Driver was ready to Install. OpenCL and OpenGL are present on the MacVidCards' GTX-1070 8GB Card on the Hackintosh. (Still being stripped from the EVGA GTX-1050 2GB Card which is Secondary.) I will Update the Mac Pro tomorrow. Good luck everyone. 387.
  5. I'm glad that everything is working now. Yes, as previously stated, ANY GTX-760 is "Native" to MacOS; just that IF the card is a PC Card/Non-Flashed you won't get the Apple Boot Screen. Sorry that you had this experience with High Sierra, and now need the additional Web Drivers to keep the CUDA Driver working. Again, I'm glad it's all working for you now.
  6. Yes, BUT, the GTX-760, (no matter what make of card), is "Native" to MacOS and thus won't be listed as requiring Web Drivers. The only concern on a Non-Mac-Flashed GTX-760 is the fact that in Sierra and above that the card WON'T display a Boot Screen. I agree, though, that for CUDA Driver Support that he should install the appropriate NVIDIA Web Driver for the OS. MacVidCards, (MVC - abbreviated by Lou), charges around $100 for Flashing a Non-Mac Card - AND they still sell that card themselves, used of course.
  7. Thanks, Lou. I thought maybe he accidentally went back to 10.13.0 - 17G65... I just checked App Store on my Hackintosh and I'm still getting "No Updates" available... I'm still on 17G5019.
  8. I think you are on 17G65, NOT 17G66... This is "Early" High Sierra. The latest is 17G5019. Check for 'Updates' again from App Store, and get back to the Latest High Sierra - 17G5019. The Latest NVIDIA Web Driver for 17G5019 is 387. [EDIT:] The Latest CUDA Driver is 410.130, and once you are Upgraded from 10.13.0 back to 10.13.6 - 17G5019, with the proper Web Driver then CUDA will work again for you.
  9. @N01r and @blase I'm glad I could be of assistance. I hope this helps others here as they stumble across my Posts in this Thread. I Updated the Bug Report at NVIDIA to include cMP 5,1 Systems, (as my real Mac is a 5,1), as I had also reported here that this flawed Web Driver issue affects cMP Systems as well as Hackintoshes. I just hope that someone at NVIDIA takes this all seriously and gets the NVIDIA Developers to address the issue(s).
  10. I don't know if I've Posted here about this, BUT, the NVIDIA Web Driver, (even going back to El Capitan), has MANY issues! First, it confuses the Slot Order of the GPUs installed, (if they are both NVIDIA Cards), ie: the Card in Physical PCI-e Slot One is seen by the Driver as Slot 2 and the Card that is in Physical Slot 2 is seen as being Slot 1 by the Driver. This Slot Reversal has the negative effect of rendering the Primary GPU WITHOUT OpenCL and OpenGL Support! I discovered this on my Hackintosh, BUT, also had issues yesterday in adding a newly purchased Mac GTX-970 for my Mac Pro 5,1... For my 5,1 I had to move the GTX-970 into Physical Slot 3, (as both my GPUs are Double Wide Cards), and the GTX-1050 into Slot 1. This resolved the Driver issue and got the GTX-970 4GB Card the necessary and required OpenCL and OpenGL Support. After switching the Cards' Locations and getting High Sierra and the Web Driver situated, I then had to boot into my Sierra Drive, (10.12.1 16G2657), and install the right Web Driver there so that I can use the 970 Card with the ADOBE CS-6 Suite that's installed in Sierra. THEN, I had to go into BootCamp/Win 7 Pro SP-1 x64 and Reinstall NVIDIA Driver 388.13 so that Windows sees BOTH the 970 and the 1050. (High Sierra sees both Cards... ONLY Sierra does NOT see the 1050 as Pascal Support wasn't there until 10.12.4.) So, bottom line, IF you have two NVIDIA Cards in your System, pull them and reverse their Slot Order... Also, for Hackintosh, in placing your Primary Card into the Middle PCI-e Slot, do this all by itself and go into your BIOS and Update the Video PCI-e Slot Order to PCI-e Slot 2. THEN you can reinstall your secondary GPU into PCI-e Slot 1. From there, the Web Driver will THEN be able to assign OpenCL and OpenGL to the NOW Primary GPU in Physical PCI-e Slot 2. Thank my friend TBar at SETI@Home for this wisdom and pearl of knowledge! TL [EDIT:] Just realized that I did Post about this a couple Posts up... Sorry for the repeat... [EDIT 2:] Also note that once your Primary GPU is given OpenCL and OpenGL Support from the Web Driver, your Secondary and Tertiary GPUs will be stripped of OpenCL and OpenGL by the Web Driver. It seems, (at least on both of my computers), that this is the case. ONLY ONE GPU is given full acceleration, and OpenCL and OpenGL Support by the NVIDIA Web Driver. THIS IS A HUGE FLAW!
  11. Mac Pro and Hackintosh, (both in Signature), Updated to 2019-001 - (17G5019), and NVIDIA Web Driver 387. No issues so far. CUDA Crunching on BOINC without issues. (SETI@Home Project.)
  12. Thank you for that. I now can Update both my Systems tomorrow morning.
  13. 1-12-2019 Well, I bit the bullet and signed up on NVIDIA's Site and Submitted this Bug Report: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----> Bug Report Submitted: <---- Thank you for reporting a new issue. The bug ID is: 2484445 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Bug Summary: RE: MacOS NVIDIA Web Driver Issues. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Description: Things that need to be addressed in MacOS NVIDIA Web Driver: 1.) In Sierra and High Sierra, the Web Driver REVERSES how MacOS sees the physical PCI-e Slot Locations. PCI-e Slot 1 is seen by MacOS as PCI-e Slot 2, AND PCI-e Slot 2 is seen as PCI-e Slot 1. Now, on cMP Systems, (4,1's Flashed to be seen as 5,1's and "Real" 5,1's), I'm NOT entirely sure if this is still true; BUT, this is prevalent in Hackintosh Systems! So, the "cure" is to switch physical locations of Primary and Secondary GPUs in the System. Further, in Hackintoshes, this also means going into the BIOS and changing PCI-e Video Boot Slot Order to PCI-e Slot 2. 2.) In regards to #1, IF cards are NOT physically switched, this has the effect of STRIPPING OpenCL and OpenGL from, (what should be), the Primary GPU! I witnessed this myself on a MacVidCards' NVIDIA GTX-1070 8GB Card where BOINC, (Berkeley Open Infrastructure Network(ed) Computing), App clearly shows in MacOS Sierra and High Sierra that OpenCL is MISSING from the GPU! Further, in Blizzard's Battle.net App, when Launching a game, (let's say StarCraft:Remastered), Battle.net App responds with an IMMEDIATE Popup stating "Missing OpenGL", AND "Install/Reinstall Web Driver"! Once GPUs have been switched so that, (in my case the GTX-1070 8GB), the Primary GPU is in physical location PCI-e Slot 2, (and the BIOS has been properly modified for this), BOINC now shows that the Primary GPU HAS OpenCL and Battle.net NO LONGER gives the Popups and INSTEAD allows StarCraft:Remastered to Launch and Play. HOWEVER; NOW, the Secondary and Tertiary GPUs, (if ANY in the System), NOW ARE STRIPPED of OpenCL and OpenGL - in my case, my Secondary EVGA GTX-1050 2GB Card. 3.) In addition to all of the above, with CUDA Driver 410.130 Installed in High Sierra, IF a System ONLY has NVIDIA Cards in the System, (in my case, my Hackintosh noted above), when performing Number Crunching Operations of CUDA Type in BOINC the attached Monitor to the Primary GPU MUST be turned OFF! IF NOT, this results in MASSIVE Crunching Errors of "Best Pulse = 0" Errors! On a cMP with MIXED GPUs, (One NVIDIA Card and One ATI Card), and the monitor is attached to the ATI/Non-NVIDIA Card - the monitor MUST be ON to properly and successfully perform CUDA Number Crunching Operations of CUDA Type! IF NOT, MASSIVE Crunching Errors of "Best Pulse = 0" Errors occur. SEE: Conflict with MacOS 10.12 and 10.13 Web Drivers and SETI@Home Number Crunching. THESE ISSUES MUST be addressed and properly resolved BEFORE releasing MacOS NVIDIA Web Drivers for MacOS Mojave! With the above in mind, I hope that SOON Mojave NVIDIA Drivers are released. I have signed the Petition. --------------------------- This bug submission and its status can be viewed or updated here: https://developer.nvidia.com/nvidia_bug/2484445 Thank you, Developer Relations Team ----> Bug Status: Open. <---- ---------------- End of Bug Report ------------------ I even had minor issues in the El Capitan Web Driver when performing Number Crunching Tasks after Upgrading from 10.11.3 to 10.11.4. However; things have gotten MUCH WORSE in Sierra and High Sierra. I hope that NVIDIA takes this seriously and fixes this for all of us BEFORE releasing MacOS Mojave Drivers! TL
  14. TimeLord04

    Nvidia web driver in 10.14 Mojave

    Unfortunately, Web Driver 387. IS NOT Mojave Compatible... You should've waited to install Mojave UNTIL Mojave Web Drivers are released... NO KNOWN Date is yet available for the release of Mojave NVIDIA Web Drivers. :-( We are all in the same boat, here... I'm still on High Sierra, 10.13.6 Sec Updt 003 - 17G4015 with Web Driver 387. All is working here for me. If you can, revert back to 10.13.6.
  15. I think he's talking about the lack of the Apple Boot Screen... This is now "Normal" for Non-Flashed, (off the shelf), PC GPUs. If he really wants the Apple Boot Screen with Progress Bar, he's going to have to pay to have the card Flashed. I recommend MacVidCards.com for this. He needs to make sure, though, that his GPU matches the "...number of ports...." available on one of the Official MacVidCards' 1080TI GPUs they offer. Apple stopped showing Boot Screens on PC Cards in Sierra and forward. :-(