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  1. 15/05/2019 Update: We were working extremely hard this week and were extremely successful. Now with the help of SMCprog unit it is possible to bypass Apple T2 compatibility checks, so nothing is able to hold up the system from booting. This feature will be added to SMCprog. We will continue our work with T2 chip and possibly later some extra features will be added. Final release date has moved from 05/08/2019 to 08/07/2019. No more changes in the schedule will be made. This is a final date.
  2. 08/05/2019 Update: Today we finaly were successful in our attempts to communicate with T2 chip in new Macs. It is too early to say, that our programmer will support T2, but we have a small piece of hope that it will.
  3. First of all to upgrade from original Apple NVMe SSD to M.2 NVMe SSD like Samsung 970 You will need to buy an adapter like this: You can use any M.2 NVMe SSD drive, but I would not offer you to choose any of them except Intel 760p 256GB/512GB/1TB. The reason is simple - everybody who faced with such upgrades know that after installing Samsung SSD, WD SSD or others you wil have problems with waking your Mac from sleep(it will reboot each time, or you will have to switch "deep sleep" off) and also you will have problems with reboot(on reboot it will show you folder with a question mark, so you will have to shut Mac down and switch it on again). With Intel 760p SSD's you won't have such problems. It is very easy to explain why - original Apple SSD takes 2.3A of current at peak load. At the same time Samsung SSD's and others take over 2.5A of current on peak load, but Macs logic board was developed to let this part consume 2.3A of current. This means that your Mac won't be able to feed these SSD's at peak loads. At the same time Intel 760p SSD takes only 1.3-1.4A of current at peak load. With it all Macs functions will work perfectly, won't give extra heat(as Samsung or others) and even save a little bit of energy when working on battery. Yes, Intel is a little bit slower than Samsung, but simple user won't be able to notice the difference in working speed. So my advice to all who upgrades from OEM SSD is to switch to Intel 760p. Update: This info is only for 2015 year. 2013-2014 probably will will have all mentioned problems even with Intel 760p because they had problems even on OEM SSD drives. From my upgrade practice only 1 of 3 Macs worked without problems. Can't tell why.
  4. This forum and one of its topics(ReadSMC for EFI, a tool to enter read SMC keys from EFI shell on real Macs) several years ago inspired me to find a solution on a serious problem. A problem which faced and still are facing with a lot of Apple 3rd party technicians and advanced users - SMC chip programming. It took a lot of efforts to find a way how to read from SMC, get whole dump, and in the end, how to write it. When we got stuck with SMC's, we thought about additional functions. Thanks to a lot of Mac users, developers, and coders who helped us in achieving our goal. Three and a half years took me to create a prototype which I would like to introduce now. SMCprog - unique standalone SMC, EFI BIOS, SSD micro-controller and Battery controller programming unit for Apple computer family. Easy operation of programming allows to perform chip programming much faster without a need of searching firmwares or donor boards with the same firmware. EFI BIOS chip programming allows to perform correct chip programming with an entry of original Serial Number. All SMC, EFI BIOS and SSD micro-controller firmwares are stored in internal memory. SMCprog is able to restore firmware of an SSD that is not recognized by the system. Restore process takes almost no efforts, only minimal soldering is necessary. With the help of an SMCprog there is no need to remove micro-controller from the board anymore. SMCprog also offers ability to perform original Apple battery controller reset. This operation will reset all the information about battery condition that is stored in controllers memory(except Serial Number). This operation allows to change one or several cells of the battery and restore its ability to take a full charge. Also reset of the battery can extend battery life for up to 400-500 charging cycles(only in case that battery is in working condition and without short circuit). This function works only with OEM Apple batteries. To protect writing process from interruption in case of disconnection from the mains SMCprog has built-in reserve battery which is being charged while the unit is plugged in. Current progress: We have a simple working prototype that is able to complete all mentioned functions but with a lot of extra efforts. It was built from scratch to show that it is possible and we are ready to complete this task. Short video of the prototype and its functions: Up till today all the chips were programmed by soldering them to the holder plate. In the final revision SMCprog will have sockets for each chip, two external modules to work with batteries and SSD hard drives. The second version of our unit is already designed and ready for production, but due to lack of financing we are not able to finish it. We realy hope that this crowdfunding campaign will help us to finish our product. And I would like to thank everybody who has helped us in this hard work!