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10.12.1 - Display blank on boot with NVIDIA Web Driver


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Hi insanelymac friends!


I had a near-perfect build with El Cap, but after I decided to update to Sierra some problems came up.



  • i7-6700k
  • ASUS Z170-E mobo
  • EVGA GTX 960

And here's my config.plist


With iMac17,1 SMBIOS, my display sleeps on boot. I can boot okay with nv_disable=1.

I have done the AGDP patch (AGDPfix.app by shilohh).


I should also note, I have two monitors connected to my GPU, one with DVI, one on DisplayPort.

If I only plug in the DVI monitor and use an iMac14,2 SMBIOS, I can boot okay with NVIDIA drivers. But this doesn't work if the DP monitor is plugged in.


Also, I've set BIOS graphics to PCI-E, and the new NvidiaWeb thing is set in Clover.


Any suggestions are welcome!!!  :yes:


Thanks!  ^_^

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^^^ yes, it might be that. currently have CSM turned off

though I don't have the enthusiasm to try installing sierra again...

will keep this in mind for later though


thanks!!  :yes:


at least I hope somebody else will benefit from this  :rolleyes:

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