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  1. ^^^ yes, it might be that. currently have CSM turned off though I don't have the enthusiasm to try installing sierra again... will keep this in mind for later though thanks!! at least I hope somebody else will benefit from this
  2. Sorry, already downgraded to El Cap. I'll try that when I attempt Sierra again sometime in the future Thanks though!
  3. as I mentioned in my post, iMac14,2 works only if I disconnect my main DisplayPort monitor...
  4. Thanks, but I've tried that (removed nvda_drv=1 from config.plist), I forgot to update the pastebin entry Here's my current config.plist: http://pastebin.com/vmGVrFZp
  5. Hi insanelymac friends! I had a near-perfect build with El Cap, but after I decided to update to Sierra some problems came up. Specs: i7-6700k ASUS Z170-E mobo EVGA GTX 960 And here's my config.plist With iMac17,1 SMBIOS, my display sleeps on boot. I can boot okay with nv_disable=1. I have done the AGDP patch (AGDPfix.app by shilohh). I should also note, I have two monitors connected to my GPU, one with DVI, one on DisplayPort. If I only plug in the DVI monitor and use an iMac14,2 SMBIOS, I can boot okay with NVIDIA drivers. But this doesn't work if the DP monitor is plugged in. Also, I've set BIOS graphics to PCI-E, and the new NvidiaWeb thing is set in Clover. Any suggestions are welcome!!! Thanks!
  6. Well my original intent was to figure out how much stock Apple software could be used... including boot selector, bootloader, etc. But I guess it's impossible (or nearly impossible) to extract code from Apple's BIOS... I'm sure there are Clover themes that mimic Apple boot selector?
  7. Okay... it's more complicated than I thought. I didn't realize the disk picker was part of BIOS and not the bootloader. I had the impression it was part of the EFI image.
  8. Thanks everyone for the replies I'll look into all the references and links. Slice - I'll take a closer look at Clover and how it works when I have the time... really interested in what kind of adaptations are necessary to boot OS X. Also, do you think it's possible to build some kind of bootstrapper that will launch the native OS X bootloader from UEFI? Does Clover already do this? If so, would it be possible to boot the native OS X bootloader from Clover? Again, just curious. Will play around with the idea more seriously when I have good hardware
  9. Just curious. One of the drawbacks for me (as a perfectionist I guess) of building a Hackintosh is having to use a third-party bootloader to start the system. I know, this isn't bad, it isn't going to make it much slower, but for me it's just a thing. I've been doing a little bit of research into the stock Apple bootloader and stumbled onto this Wiki page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BootX_(Apple) Of course this is the older version (PowerPC), but it does have a reference to the new Intel EFI bootloader (reference #4: https://web.archive.org/web/20080706145146/http://developer.apple.com/documentation/MacOSX/Conceptual/BPSystemStartup/Articles/BootProcess.html I have searched this forum and haven't found anything definitive. So I just wanted to ask: has anyone attempted to boot from a modified Apple bootloader? If not, what are the main reasons this won't work? More notes: I've heard that one of the reasons this is not possible is because motherboards lack HFS+ support. Is it possible however to have the bootloader load the HFS driver? No, I don't have good access to an actual Mac, so I haven't done any experimentation myself. Yes, I have a satisfactory knowledge of operating systems, I know generally what a bootloader does, and if you throw jargon at me I'll understand it, or at least try to - so don't be afraid to post very technical comments