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Mate Ubuntu 16.04 LTS responsive and no hang for weeks...

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I write this topic, just to sharing what is running now on my desktop.

I did not know Mate graphics desktop was that great.

I have mate Ubuntu, to this is is third edition, on my main desktop.




It is my experience, it is the best long up time, without hang.

Also it carries a back-up and restore utility can place back-up date on local drive, a partition, network drive (samba)...

it has a strong built-in encryption whole disk utility.

thank every one for reading.


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I prefer elementary os, it is way more refined, and it is much more smooth, given you have the right hardware for it.  


Ubuntu Mate would be my choice for older systems, and for cryptic ones, use Xubuntu or Lubuntu, or XFCE / LXDE , which can also be installed in Ubuntu Mate.

I spent some time to try a lot of different distros of Linux .

I was looking for one with Osx theme as close as possible ...


Pear Linux, Elementary OS , ubuntu Mate, Xubuntu, lubuntu , etc.


Now i'm testing Linux Lite

I intalled Docky , Osx theme and runs very well.




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Had Ubuntu Mate running on a laptop for 5 weeks with the lid closed. Abused the system every day, using almost all resources ( video conversion).

After 5 weeks i opened the lid, and it was still usable, the browser took 3 sec to open. (I must note, this is a laptop from 2008)


I use Arch Linux on my main notebook, with the Gnome desktop. (I myself dislike the Gnome2 style/Mate)

Highly customizable, first installation is a pita when you have no *nix experience though.


Worth a try, after the first install you have the base system, and a desktop, the you decide what to install. No pre-configured packages.



Yes, I like Arch and its reactivity. I tried Chakra linux, and it's good.

Only one problem...

If you leave and don't boot you pc for one month, if you update it you have to format! :hysterical:

I can't be a slave of pc, updating it everyday! :D

This is nonsense. If you have time to browse, you can give in your password to update daily :x


Even after a month of not updating, you should be able to update. If any error occurs, it can be fixed. Arch is not for the mainstream user.


Never heard of Chakra, got a spare laptop and will definitly check it out.

I want try use Ubuntu-minimal.


Some guys said that's very good.

I think it's called Lubuntu.

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