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  1. hi I write this topic, just to sharing what is running now on my desktop. I did not know Mate graphics desktop was that great. I have mate Ubuntu, to this is is third edition, on my main desktop. https://ubuntu-mate.org/about/ It is my experience, it is the best long up time, without hang. Also it carries a back-up and restore utility can place back-up date on local drive, a partition, network drive (samba)... it has a strong built-in encryption whole disk utility. thank every one for reading.
  2. kvonlinee


    I think mate desktop is better than those 2, reason is it is up time much longer, no freeze, and responsive. LXDE is not full desktop, XFCE is good but long time up-time is freeze.
  3. Hi everyone! xubuntu 15.10 come on raid0 and encryption make me re-think ubuntu-base responsive. I have few small ssds around and I need a bigger storage on the boot drive that why I pick raid0 to combine for storage, I am no really looking for speed on this set-up. about the encryption is for security reason in-case of lost or stolen computer make me not worry for un-authorize access data. so we start like this: In case if you just want on a single disk you can get xubuntu iso from http://xubuntu.org/getxubuntu/#regularand install. now, you want raid0, get the iso on from ubuntu server 15.10 at http://releases.ubuntu.com/15.10/ubuntu-15.10-server-amd64.iso.torrentand make iso boot-able to install server first. on the server install first drive, partition a /boot for 500MB as ext4, the rest of drive for a partition for hardware raid. the second drive and third drive is 1 partition for hardware raid. configure those raid as raid0 or whatever level you like, then make its to encryption ( chose a 20 to 30 characters pharepass for high security) configure that encryption to LVM then make 1 group that could contain root, swap, and home. then format and mount its according to its set-up. now install as regular server, may chose its as ssh server, create user... done, reboot then to add xubuntu GUI to its. update sudo apt-get update sudo systemctl enable ufw ( for firewall auto start) sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop ( it may take a-while for 500MB download and extract plus install) done and reboot, login and install following as optional sudo apt-get install vlc sshguard fail2ban sudo systemctl disable sshd ( to stop ssh to your server) turn out I can't disable sshd so I remove it it instead sudo apt-get purge openssh-server you may want to install compton to reduce screen-tearing. sudo apt-get install comtpon ( use it with file I attach) Xubuntu 15.10 have a great performment, fast cut and paste file to samba as 50 MB/s. have fun and enjoy. Edit: somehow the compton setting, it is best with radeon graphics card, mine is radeon 7950 and 8750, its provide no tearing at all. On the nvidia GTX-660ti, still has tearing and cpu process goes much higher on the same application. compton.zip
  4. I just learn that installed totem, it would make video thumbnail, it is a nice feature.
  5. Today, I found the manjero with built in cinnamon, so i try it, great. Thank you http://sourceforge.net/projects/manjarolinux/files/community/Cinnamon/
  6. kvonlinee

    [News] Netflix Now Works On Ubuntu

    If the linux you have able to have Google Chrome, it can play netflix for good.
  7. kvonlinee

    Xubuntu 15.04 is a great version of .nix for xfce

    I have it with compton, which is a compositor for X11, help reduceing screen tearing. Search for compton and xfce will five the instruction to do it.
  8. kvonlinee

    Future of Hackintoshing

    For now, Apple product is non swap components( such as gpu, cpu,) as the new Mac Pro release, as they are aware of free be. So hackintosh is still a hack because of its performance to apple one. The ipad is stay alone because it had A chip on it. So far from snow leopard, they add more layers to make hackintosh is more difficult as later version release. So if you have your hack, for now enjoy it.
  9. kvonlinee

    Ubuntu 15.04 Released

    I like this version, they had improved on display driver, it has no flickering screen and with mpv and smplayer, it is able to show video preview.
  10. kvonlinee

    SolydXK OS is a fine tune xfce.

    I tried this one version xfce on virtualbox, it is a great os, found what I am looking for, it include VLC on it, Give it a try at http://distrowatch.com/table.php?distribution=solydxk http://solydxk.com It is responsive and play media out of the box and carry a theme look great. It is work for single monitor, I don't know how to configure dual monitor because it is running with xfce 4.10.
  11. kvonlinee

    Fedora 22 workstation is a high perform OS.

    Update on cpu usage, Fedora 22 has 2 vlc instances running have average cpu 20% vs linuxmint 17.1 has 28% cpu on same media setting. One more thing the Fedora is faster responsive than LinuxMint. Those is tested on the same rig.
  12. I try this Fedora 22 workstations at https://getfedora.org/en/workstation/download/ It carry gnome desktop, i replace it to Cinnamon desktop and it has a good perform graphics over radeon graphics card, and it replace yum by dnf.
  13. I try this Xubuntu 15.04, it is great performment xfce and it give video thumbnail over samba. Try it and you love it, http://xubuntu.org/news/15-04-release/
  14. For now, I see a different path on using Arch linux. Arch is great but for a single monitor, not sure for dual monitor, reason I got recent update and it wipe out the setting somewhere form dual monitor go into 1 by DVI port. I try fedora workstation and put Cinnamon on top is great, it is not freeze as often as gnome-shell. And it work great on dual monitor.
  15. kvonlinee

    Ubuntu 15.04 Released

    With this distro or other testing such as Fedora..., with installation, seperated /home and / giving a nice workout such keeping setting, and data on Users, so with reinstallion and not formatting /home folder, it doesn't loose data.