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  1. Hi everyone! I have a old Dell XPS 410, I was run 10.7.5 and with many attempt to run 10.8. I got great news as it works in 10.8.3 for me, I learn form many sources I will give credit to the place I learn. let begin. To be continue from Dell XPS 410 Resource Extravaganza http://www.insanelym.../page__st__1320 my hardware specific you need to downgrade bios to 1.3 Cpu core2duo 6300 1.8 ghz Ram 3 Gb : 2x1GB, 2x512 Mb Graphic card Nvidia PNY 9800 gtx+ hard drive 1TB. you need MountainLion app fromt he app store 10.8 or 10.8.3 first you create an usb installer like 8 GB at least and follow this guide credit to Still Win Fan http://www.insanelym...thout-usbvideo/ the same for mountain lion. when you done the usb installer. then you install extra folder to that usb installer from myhack from Conti http://myhack.sojugarden.com/guide/ we need to prepare some thing like this for it to able to boot into 10.8 install srceen is put on PciRoot=4 because this guide credit go to oldnapalm http://olarila.com/f....php?f=28&t=154 used text edit to edit org.chameleon.Boot.plist for the PciRoot=4 used chameleon wizard to create a SMBios and place it in extra folder. for the ATA drive to be recognize need kext IOATAFamily.kext from http://www.osx86.net...?do=file&id=319 run myfix from myhack. it is ready to install now. after install success get to desktop then run combo update to 10.8.3 the the rest for you to enjoy you hack I have it running Maverick, this time I found a easy way to tunning to a workable machine, this time I have the graphics to nvidia GT 610 which have a audio over HDMI with voodoo HDA 2.8.2 i have attack the extra filer from my machine, when you created usb installer, I recommend MyHack, then use my hack to install this extra folder to USB installer, this way will help your tune the machine easy. follow the installation to the end, it may not be finish but it is ok. boot up with the usb installer again, don't install, go to utility and then Myhack, then install extra folder from download, done and reboot and enjoy the machine. ---------------------------------------------------------- Yosemite Yosemite Hot the idea from mpalomba3 about running Yosemite on this Dell recently. I start the work and finally it run of ok. due to my hack is not release, this time I use the installer from chris1111 I used the OS X Yosemite Chameleon V2.zip at the link http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/301138-new-usb-installer-os-x-yosemite-chameleon-r2456-v2/?p=2064388 with some tweak and it can run Yosemite. we can begin now. 1- you need the Yosemite from the App Store, go head download it, have a hard drive to make the installer and the boot drive also ( I recomment it because I found it is easy to get it running. portion the hard into 2 partition, one boot drive with big capacity, one install name USB size like 10 GB. 2-the time you run the OS X Yosemite Chameleon V2.zip, if you down load already it is in the Download folder, open it and run it, when it hit to standard install then you can change to the USB location. let it run some time it will let you know it done. it is not ready to run yet, in the extra-10.10-ps-410.zip has 2 kexts copy and paste it to the USB/Sytem/Library/Extention/ . it will as for replacement, yes then copy the org.chameleon.Boot.plist to the USB/Extra/Extentions, now it is ready to boot install. 3, when done the installation, it will reboot, if you good at terminal then boot the installer again, using the terminal copy and paste 2 kext about in USB/Extra/Extensions/ to {boot drive}/System/Library/Extentions/ and make a new cache or similar thing or 3a, you can use the mac before, plug the drive through usb adapter copy and paste 2 attack kexts that to {bootdrive}/System/Library/Extentions/ and and copy the OS X Yosemite Chameleon V.2 to a foldler in the USB-Yosemite and then use the kext wizard app to Maintaince/---System/Library/Extension----Reapair permissions-rebuild cache, copy it is ready. to go by itself. 4 boot to the new install Yosemite, after all registration, add Users, to the desktop, run the OS X Yosemite Chameleon V2 choose the Post install with chameleon, IntelGB Ethernet, nullcpu, fakesmc and what other you need, when installation is done copy the org.chameleon.Boot.plis from extra-10.10-ps-410.zip to {boot}/Extra/ and it is ready. to go. I add to the org.chameleon.Boot.plis boot flag: -v PciRoot=4 Kext-dev-mode=1 dartwake=0 the value 4 of PciRoot because the machine say that, if you found a different and better value then you go for it. the one kext the AppleIntelPIIXATA is require one, the other AppleRTC is modify one at the link of http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/298536-applertc-patch-cmos-reset/?hl=%2Bapplertc&do=findComment&comment=2080142 about this machine, Dell XPS 410, 3 GB of Ram, cpu E8600 1.86 Ghz, Asus Fanless GT610/ thank you to Marchrius,chris1111 have the way to run on this old machine, a hobby for me. **** *****update to show 4 drive, ********** I look on the AppleLPC.kext to load or not, and when I add the string <string>pci8086,2812</string> in the AppleLPC.kext, the kext is load and it show 4 drives from port 0 to port 3, this motherboard has 6 Sata drive, other port or drive 4 and 5 I don't know how it go. put the kext AppleLPC.kext in S/L/E and do rebuilt cache, I include the original AppleLPC.Kext also. about the shutdown and Restart, I got a hard time, after a while I found that use terminal to shutdown it work, so when your system need the shutdown and the power led still on for a long time enter inter terminal, for shut down: sudo shutdown -h now for restart: sudo shutdown -r nowand enter your extreme secure password. it from http://www.maclife.com/article/columns/terminal_101_properly_shutting_down_your_mac************about the AHCI port*************after I look close, I don't see the data drive on the system profile, and the system still able to boot the installer and boot to the system, turn out it use ATA drive. so enjoy your hack. Extra for XPS 410.zip extra-10.10-ps-410.zip show-4-drives-Yosemite.zip
  2. hi I write this topic, just to sharing what is running now on my desktop. I did not know Mate graphics desktop was that great. I have mate Ubuntu, to this is is third edition, on my main desktop. https://ubuntu-mate.org/about/ It is my experience, it is the best long up time, without hang. Also it carries a back-up and restore utility can place back-up date on local drive, a partition, network drive (samba)... it has a strong built-in encryption whole disk utility. thank every one for reading.
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    I think mate desktop is better than those 2, reason is it is up time much longer, no freeze, and responsive. LXDE is not full desktop, XFCE is good but long time up-time is freeze.
  4. Hi everyone! xubuntu 15.10 come on raid0 and encryption make me re-think ubuntu-base responsive. I have few small ssds around and I need a bigger storage on the boot drive that why I pick raid0 to combine for storage, I am no really looking for speed on this set-up. about the encryption is for security reason in-case of lost or stolen computer make me not worry for un-authorize access data. so we start like this: In case if you just want on a single disk you can get xubuntu iso from http://xubuntu.org/getxubuntu/#regularand install. now, you want raid0, get the iso on from ubuntu server 15.10 at http://releases.ubuntu.com/15.10/ubuntu-15.10-server-amd64.iso.torrentand make iso boot-able to install server first. on the server install first drive, partition a /boot for 500MB as ext4, the rest of drive for a partition for hardware raid. the second drive and third drive is 1 partition for hardware raid. configure those raid as raid0 or whatever level you like, then make its to encryption ( chose a 20 to 30 characters pharepass for high security) configure that encryption to LVM then make 1 group that could contain root, swap, and home. then format and mount its according to its set-up. now install as regular server, may chose its as ssh server, create user... done, reboot then to add xubuntu GUI to its. update sudo apt-get update sudo systemctl enable ufw ( for firewall auto start) sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop ( it may take a-while for 500MB download and extract plus install) done and reboot, login and install following as optional sudo apt-get install vlc sshguard fail2ban sudo systemctl disable sshd ( to stop ssh to your server) turn out I can't disable sshd so I remove it it instead sudo apt-get purge openssh-server you may want to install compton to reduce screen-tearing. sudo apt-get install comtpon ( use it with file I attach) Xubuntu 15.10 have a great performment, fast cut and paste file to samba as 50 MB/s. have fun and enjoy. Edit: somehow the compton setting, it is best with radeon graphics card, mine is radeon 7950 and 8750, its provide no tearing at all. On the nvidia GTX-660ti, still has tearing and cpu process goes much higher on the same application. compton.zip
  5. Hi all, its been a long time since i post here. I have caugth interested on linux, this time Arch linux and at this point I have no more hackintosh in my machine. So for the pure Arch install, you can use evolution linux, it carry a simple installation to Arch linux, It is a rolling release, Arch linux, in general, it is just one time install and it will update upon demand of your, no newer version. I have cinnamon desktop, and sddm as log in manager, i have yaourt installed and tkpacman for package manager, mate screensaver. So if anyone like to try it, welcome to it. Edit: i use gufw for firewall, ans run as root in terminal:" systemctl enable ufw" to enable and start on startup. Networkmanager to manage network.
  6. I just learn that installed totem, it would make video thumbnail, it is a nice feature.
  7. Today, I found the manjero with built in cinnamon, so i try it, great. Thank you http://sourceforge.net/projects/manjarolinux/files/community/Cinnamon/
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    [News] Netflix Now Works On Ubuntu

    If the linux you have able to have Google Chrome, it can play netflix for good.
  9. kvonlinee

    Xubuntu 15.04 is a great version of .nix for xfce

    I have it with compton, which is a compositor for X11, help reduceing screen tearing. Search for compton and xfce will five the instruction to do it.
  10. I try this Xubuntu 15.04, it is great performment xfce and it give video thumbnail over samba. Try it and you love it, http://xubuntu.org/news/15-04-release/
  11. kvonlinee

    Future of Hackintoshing

    For now, Apple product is non swap components( such as gpu, cpu,) as the new Mac Pro release, as they are aware of free be. So hackintosh is still a hack because of its performance to apple one. The ipad is stay alone because it had A chip on it. So far from snow leopard, they add more layers to make hackintosh is more difficult as later version release. So if you have your hack, for now enjoy it.
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    Ubuntu 15.04 Released

    I like this version, they had improved on display driver, it has no flickering screen and with mpv and smplayer, it is able to show video preview.
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    SolydXK OS is a fine tune xfce.

    I tried this one version xfce on virtualbox, it is a great os, found what I am looking for, it include VLC on it, Give it a try at http://distrowatch.com/table.php?distribution=solydxk http://solydxk.com It is responsive and play media out of the box and carry a theme look great. It is work for single monitor, I don't know how to configure dual monitor because it is running with xfce 4.10.
  14. kvonlinee

    Fedora 22 workstation is a high perform OS.

    Update on cpu usage, Fedora 22 has 2 vlc instances running have average cpu 20% vs linuxmint 17.1 has 28% cpu on same media setting. One more thing the Fedora is faster responsive than LinuxMint. Those is tested on the same rig.
  15. I try this Fedora 22 workstations at https://getfedora.org/en/workstation/download/ It carry gnome desktop, i replace it to Cinnamon desktop and it has a good perform graphics over radeon graphics card, and it replace yum by dnf.
  16. For now, I see a different path on using Arch linux. Arch is great but for a single monitor, not sure for dual monitor, reason I got recent update and it wipe out the setting somewhere form dual monitor go into 1 by DVI port. I try fedora workstation and put Cinnamon on top is great, it is not freeze as often as gnome-shell. And it work great on dual monitor.
  17. kvonlinee

    Ubuntu 15.04 Released

    With this distro or other testing such as Fedora..., with installation, seperated /home and / giving a nice workout such keeping setting, and data on Users, so with reinstallion and not formatting /home folder, it doesn't loose data.
  18. For me, Arch on raid and encryption is a little difficult for me. I have 3 NAS, 2 run with opensuse, 1 run with ubuntu becuase opensuse can't run on it, about same setting on that box opensuse can't boot.
  19. Manjaro is good. To me, first impression is great, along testing and running is "" and as lately install is not work out for me, glad it is work well for you. Also Manjaro is modded linux kernel to their own, in case you like to know run in terminal " uname -r" you see it. i like to have vanilla kernel, that why I am going with that path.
  20. kvonlinee

    Kernel Panic

    The boot flag is seem not correct one, go to rampage dev website, use the clover installtion method there and make a new installer and give it a try again.
  21. I use the AppleIntelPIIXATA.kext, it help chameleon see the drive on port 0 and port 1 as ATA drive, used it in S/L/E. Later I learn that LegacyAppleAHCIPort.kext help clover see the ATA drive, install ok bu some how my Dell XPS 410 got a shutdown problem( never turn off completely) To dujones, i think you can swicth DVD drive into port2, window 7 in port1, and osx on port0, because osx see port0, and port1, when modify AppleLPC, the it see port2 and port3, for my test port4 and port5 was never show up in osx.
  22. kvonlinee

    Kernel Panic

    How did you make clover usb installer? You use createinstallmedia?
  23. kvonlinee

    Need help for Z800 Yosemite Installation

    This is for LegacyAppleIntelAHCI.kext http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/303795-ide-dvd-drive-problem/?p=2101707
  24. kvonlinee

    Success Yosemite 10.10 on 3 desktops

    I used clover, disk is GPT parttition dual to native intel cpu, i used seperate hard drive for os (osx and window 7 is seperate). I got lucky to Futomaki, 2 of 78xx series work with it, other menbaer said no. Yes it is not PitCairn framebuffer, i learn it from a different way, with clover it will force to load to work on all connection such HDMI, mini DisplayPort, DVI ( while Futomaki work for 2 only) With clover, inject loadVideoBios, inject ATI, framebuffer=Picairn, videopors=4 and (no videobios to clover). With 7950 i used framebuffer = Tahiti, same concept, work great for me. It could chnage alot due to modify kernel for AMD cpu vs vanilla for Intel cpu. Good luck.
  25. hi all! I write this topic regard install OS X Yosemite on hack using clover boot loader I have 3 system update and run great from Yosemite: *one is Gigabyte X583-UD3R, core i7-930, Gigabyte gtx660Ti *one is haswell cpu i3, pair with msi-h97 PC Mate, Gigabyte gtx650 *one with Ivy-bride cpu i3 pair to Asrock H77M, Gigabyte AMD Radeon 7870 so let begin how to install to those. first you need to get Yosemite installer to the application folder. you could use usb or hard drive (one work for you, I used hard drive cause it is faster and I have few spare 40 GB around.) former the usb that with the name 1 with GUID Partition table. then copy and paste on to terminal: sudo /Applications/Install\ OS\ X\ Yosemite.app/Contents/Resources/createinstallmedia --volume /Volumes/1 --applicationpath /Applications/Install\ OS\ X\ Yosemite.app --no interaction when done, then get the clover boot loader from my is v.2953 to the target of then after that go to Install OS X Yosemite ▸ EFI ▸ CLOVER ▸ kexts and create a 10.10 folder, copy you current system fakeSMC, network kext, (you may need the NullCPUPowermanagement.kext, my on the i7-930 is require, while the haswell and Ivy-bridge doesn’t have to) also delete the VboxHFS+.efi and replace with the HFSPlus.efi about the config.plist I advice you to used the latest clover configurator to edit http://www.hackintoshosx.com/files/file/49-clover-configurator/ note with the Nvidia Kepler, you don’t have to mark anything with the graphics at all. that is the installer ready, go and install when it load clover on the installer hit the spacebar, chose the boot with verbose to check what is missing and then boot it up and system. fine tune is to make it boot by itself without the help of installer, when inside the Yosemite, you could use the Carbon copy cloner and clone the same thing on a partition or or differ disk(save your time later if you need to reinstall Yosemite) install clover boot loader to the boot drive you have that, copy the config.plist and 10.10 kext folder from the installer and it could boot it self. with the AMD Radeon 7870, I need to used the device property to kale it boot right to how 2 monitor by the guide from http://olarila.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=154 copy and past to the terminal ioreg -lw0 -p IODeviceTree -n efi -r -x | grep device-properties | sed 's/.*<//;s/>.*//;' > device-properties.hex and open the home folder you have it, you would need EFI Studio to open that HEX file and insert it to the Divices/properties/inject for the Radeon 7870 and now this is what I am have with audio, I used voodooHDA 2.8.4, give me audio on Nvidia kepler HDMI to Television, the Radeon 7870 I could not het the sound over HDMI, I have some file include, if it could help anyone , you welcome to used. this is the file or the link here https://github.com/JrCs/CloverGrowerPro/blob/master/Files/HFSPlus/X64/HFSPlus.efi edit: add EFI for MSI H97PC mate with DSDT for HDMI audio over Radeon7950 edit1: add EFI clover for X58A-UD3R GTX660Ti HDMI Audio with edit DSDT i7-930-gtx660ti-config.plist.zip ivy-bridge-Radeon-7870.config.plist.zip HFSPlus.efi.zip EFI MSi-h97pcmate-core-i5-HDMI audio.zip EFI for x58a-gtx 660ti-HDMI-audio.zip