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Hi, Micky1979! I wonder, where would I find the option "Use alternative booting PBR" from the main Clover Installer in your "Pandora's Box"?



that one? ^_^

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without those information, the ideas became hard...

is it a desktop..laptop...?

can you use" linux live " to check..maybe..

if use windows, at least check cpu and video..


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Guys, Clover r3761 was ok for me, but most of the users seem to have problems with it. You can receive an update to r3763 opening Ares.app (published during my lunch break today).

About Pandora in Sierra here works good, just ensure to have the retail version of it where was builted yesterday.


hiphopboy, are you by chances running it in a virtual machine?

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As far I remembar crazybirdy was sharing OSInstaller+OSinstall.mpkg to made th MBR patch, but now is only the first one. Going to update Pandora to accept this file alone.... (between an hour)

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