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[AMD] OS X El Capitan (10.11) FX Kernel Task Force

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This is an experiment, please install only on a second partition, test and report


For green icon , maybe problem AVX . 

In sysctl see:

machdep.cpu.xsave.extended_state: 7 832 960 1073741824 <<--- on intel and old's cpus amd writes how :7 832 832 0

machdep.cpu.xsave.extended_state1: 0 0 0 0 <<- 1 0 0 0 


Maybe this problem ? 

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For green icon , maybe problem AVX . 

In sysctl see:

machdep.cpu.xsave.extended_state: 7 832 960 1073741824 7 832 832 0

machdep.cpu.xsave.extended_state1: 0 0 0 0


Maybe this problem ? 


Strange I don't have any machdep.cpu.xsave strings... Is it just an FX feature? 

bronya, I have just created a new kernel with modified sysctl, should I upload it?


the kernel is just tested by a user, the first start test showed without changes. Although the kernel is very quickly but the green glitchy are there. I wait for the next report.

pls here kernel . 


Bronya has already asked him about the kernel symbols error and Y2k4uk wants give no information and Nobody will run after him and beg for this information!. ^_^

All kernel programmers help us repeatedly for many years, to resolve the problems on OS X and that without having to get any Cents for her very good Job !!
I am thinking particular to the following: Bronya, Andy Vandijk, Sinitek and Tora Chi Yo, and if Y2k4uk not like want to do, then that's his cause, and I would not like to further talk about it......


I don't care if Y2k4u wants to help or not, i'm not taking sides in any dispute here,you have to understand that.I just reported a thing which i thought was relevant with your current work on the kernel and asked to review your work in case you missed something.



@Bronya, yes vanilla System.kext prelinks and loads with your latest kernel as all the other kexts i have no error on building kextcache now :) but...


When i press play on VMware i'm getting this





and when i hit ok this



That's what i meant, i'm not taking any symbol error on loading or in terminal the error is inside the application ;)

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so, now I have rebuilt the kernel and adjusted of all possible errors, someone has loss to test this kernel? and to let me know shortly. thx



I have just started my system with the kernel, kernel works and can be used



test possible with all CPUs and write your results .... then we can adapt. On my system, I note no problems, all programs operate reliably as before. The graphics are just as good as before.

With graphics still everything is bad :(  :wallbash:


That is, the recent green glitchy unchanged with FX CPUs? or are the graphics issues differently as previously? it would be good if you could post a picture.

Not yet. Just saw it. will test it later and report back. Did notice however some of the kexts I had were quite old. Which baffled me, but w/e I updated those and edited some boot flags in chameleon bootlist.should hopefully at least boot now.

good kernel Shaneee  :)  same bug Graphical issues on my machine  :( my Processor AMD A4 with Nvidia GTX750Ti


Can you try this file then please. Make a backup of the original. It is located in /usr/lib/system/




Note: Only people that still have graphical errors with the kernel I posted try this.

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